Personal Protector

What is Personal Protector?

Personal Protector is a new spreading program which is misteriously placed into users computers. Personal Protector or PersonalProtector is NOT as its misleading name would have system users believe. This rogue anti-spyware program is indeed the ultimate scammer! Personal Protector tends to make use of the following methods to ensure its goal of duping unsuspecting users into purchasing its full version, is achieved and successful. One of these such tactics employed is Personal Protector ability to convince a system user of its ability to remove security threats from a system , whereas in actuality, Personal Protector is completely unable to detect or remove computer threats including spyware, viruses, Trojans and even malware.
Personal Protector tends to be advertised, propagated and sold via its affiliated and malicious websites, also designed by hackers with the aim of extorting the hard earned money of innocent computer users. You best bet would be to delete this nefarious application as soon as it has been found on a computer system

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