Personal Defender 2009

What is Personal Defender 2009?

Personal Defender 2009 is a malware pretending to be a security tool. Personal Defender 2009 gets into your system via a Trojan. The Trojan tricks you into downloading it by imitating a Windows Firewall. By downloading the phony Windows Firewall, you actually download the Trojan that will install the rogue Personal Defender 2009 program.
Personal Defender 2009 imitates a system scan and reports an exaggerated amount of infections. Numerous pop-ups and alerts will also be displayed on your screen. You should ignore and pay no attention to these warning and reports since they are all intentionally orchestrated lies to try to scare you into buying the useless Personal Defender 2009 program. Personal Defender 2009 is a malicious application because it will slow down your PC and also limit your internet connection. In addition Personal Defender 2009 has the ability to hijack your web browser and redirect it to its own website.

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