Perfect Startpage

What is Perfect Startpage?

T.M.D.S. TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT Ltd. is the creator of Perfect Startpage, a seemingly still unpopular Google Chrome extension that people can download for free from the Chrome Web Store. Did you use to install the PUP (potentially unwanted program)? Even if that is the case, we recommend that you scan your system for hidden threats immediately. This cannot wait. You especially want to scan your system if you downloaded the PUP using a different installer or if you do not remember acquiring it at all. If that is the case, your chances of facing additional threats that you might need to delete are much higher. Of course, we hope that there is nothing that you need to eliminate besides the PUP. So, why should you remove Perfect Startpage? If you do not know, continue reading our report. If you think you have all of the information you might need, check out the last paragraph, in which we discuss your options.test

How does Perfect Startpage work?

If you downloaded Perfect Startpage purposefully, it is likely that you were sold on the idea of having your New Tab page offering a search tool along with a “beautiful background” and also a weather report. If you have installed this extension already, you must have found your New Tab page changed. Were you happy with the changes? Even if you were not, it is easy to ignore this part of the browser, and you might have chosen to discontinue using it. Of course, that is not the way to go around things. If there is anything you do not like, you should always make it point to remove unwanted extensions and change things around. Well, according to our research team, you might want to consider deleting Perfect Startpage even if you are perfectly happy with how it works. Have you analyzed the Privacy Policy that supports this PUP? If you have not, there are a few things we want to share with you.

Did you know that Perfect Startpage might be able to show advertisements? When we researched this PUP, its search tool – which is represented via the New Tab page – redirected all search queries to Google Search, but it redirected them via The end results were not modified at the time of research, but we cannot promise that that is how things will stay in the future. According to the information available at, the creator of the PUP has the right to send offers, perform research and analysis, display advertisements, and also share information about you with third parties. Who are these parties and how can they use the information about you and your browsing activity? That is something we do not know, and that is one of the reasons you want to consider removing Perfect Startpage. At the end of the day, you do not need to install any extension to access Google Chrome, and we are sure that you can live without colorful background images represented via your New Tab page. As for weather, find a reliable website and bookmark it if you want to check weather reports frequently.

How to remove Perfect Startpage

If you are interested in deleting Perfect Startpage, let us discuss the different options that are available to you. You could just ignore the PUP, but as we discussed earlier, that is not a good idea at all. You could delete the unwanted extension manually, and we have created a guide that should help you get rid of the extension that way. You also could install anti-malware software that would erase all threats automatically. Without a doubt, this is the option we recommend to most users. It will remove Perfect Startpage along with other potentially active threats in no time, and you will not need to worry about leftovers or your system’s protection in the future. Of course, it is not enough to secure your system to keep all PUPs away. You also have to pay attention to the extensions and applications you end up installing. If you pay no attention and trust cleverly composed promises, you are likely to let in new PUPs in the future.

Removal Guide

  1. Open the browser (Google Chrome) and tap ALT+F keys.
  2. In the menu at the top, select More tools and then Extensions.
  3. When you find the undesirable extension, click the Remove button next to it.
  4. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys to open Clear browsing data.
  5. In the Advanced menu, choose a time range and also boxes you want.
  6. Click Clear data and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Perfect Startpage*


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