What is PDFConverterSearchTool?

PDFConverterSearchTool might sound like an application that can help you convert your files and search the Internet. However, users should know that it was classified as a potentially unwanted program. While such software might not be considered malicious, it does not mean that users should not think carefully before installing it. Potentially unwanted programs can be annoying and force their users into wanting to get rid of them. Therefore, if you want to be sure that installing such a tool will not be a waste of your time, we advise you to get to know it better before installing it. If you want to learn more about this particular browser extension, we invite you to read the rest of this article. If you want to learn how to erase PDFConverterSearchTool manually, you could slide a bit below the text, where you should find our removal instructions.test

Where does PDFConverterSearchTool come from?

Applications like PDFConverterSearchTool can be spread via legit platforms like the Chrome Web Store page and file-sharing websites that may spread unknown freeware, pirated software, etc. Thus, you have to be cautious and not let your guard down no matter where the tools, you are interested in, come from. Before adding new software to your device, you should make sure that it comes from reliable developers. Checking expert, as well as user reviews, could also make it easier to determine if a tool is safe and worthy of your attention. We also recommend having a legitimate antimalware tool that could protect your device and keep it clean.

How does PDFConverterSearchTool work?

What if you install PDFConverterSearchTool? As we mentioned earlier, it is not considered malicious. However, like any other potentially unwanted program, it may have annoying qualities. For instance, it could replace your default search engine with a search website offering a search box and links to other websites, for example, sites providing tools for file-converting. Specialists say that users could be redirected to Yahoo after entering keywords into the extension’s search website. It means that the application’s search website might be unable to gather or display search results without the Yahoo search engine's help.

Moreover, you should also know that while you are using PDFConverterSearchTool, it could be gathering data from our browsing history. The application might ask for permission to do so upon its installation. If it is granted, the tool might be able to see your visited websites, used search keywords, clicked advertisements, and so on. Such information can be handy in creating targeted advertisements. Could this potentially unwanted program show such content? We cannot know for sure, but there is a chance it might. For instance, the application might be using modified Yahoo, which might allow it to inject tailored ads into the gathered search results.

How to erase PDFConverterSearchTool?

If you decide that you do not want to keep a potentially unwanted program on your device, you could delete PDFConverterSearchTool. One way to get rid of it is to scan your system with a legitimate antimalware tool and then eliminate all identified items by clicking the deletion button. You could also remove PDFConverterSearchTool manually if you access your browser’s extensions menu. We display instructions that can guide you through this process just a bit below this paragraph.

Delete PDFConverterSearchTool

  1. Go to Google Chrome.
  2. Insert the following link into the browser’s address bar: chrome://extensions
  3. Press Enter and search for PDFConverterSearchTool.
  4. Click Remove and press Remove to confirm.
  5. Close the Extensions menu.
  6. Restart your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of PDFConverterSearchTool*

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