PC Purifier

What is PC Purifier?

PC Purifier is a system optimizer that promises to make your computer run better and faster. Is this program worth your time? The verdict of Anti-Spyware-101.com malware researchers is that this allegedly beneficial optimizer is just one more potentially unwanted program that simply cannot live up to the promises that its creator has made. Sure, the errors that this application detects via its scanner are not completely fictitious, but they are not critical errors either. On top of that, the PUP can display fictitious security warnings, which is a real reason to remove PC Purifier from your operating system. If you do not fully understand the program or why you should delete it from your computer, you should continue reading. If things are not cleared up for you, use the comments section below to start a conversation.testtesttest

How does PC Purifier work?

Pcpurifier.com is the website that promotes PC Purifier. Did you install the PUP from this website? Although it is possible, our researchers inform that many users acquire this potentially unwanted program via unreliable software bundles. In fact, it was discovered that the PUP is spread using an aggressive marketing technique where it is bundled with all kinds of programs by various installers. The creator of the suspicious program increases the chances of you facing it, and malicious installers can attract more users. The thing is that system optimizers and various error removers are very popular, and users keep looking for free alternatives online. Unfortunately, they often stumble upon fictitious, unreliable software that is bundled along with even more unreliable programs. The questionable PUP was seen traveling in bundles along with Internet Quick Access, which is a PUP, search.realcoolmovie.com, which is a browser hijacker, and other pieces of software that we advise removing.

When PC Purifier enters your operating system, it initiates a scan. Shortly after that, it informs you about different registry errors, such as “System related errors,” “User related errors,” or “Startup and Uninstall errors.” As you click the Fix Issues button at the bottom of the scanner, you are asked to pay money. At the time of research, the suspicious PUP was offered for $39.95 with a massive discount from the initial price, which is $99.99. Is it possible that this discount is on display only to make users believe that they are in luck? That is very possible, and some users consider this kind of marketing practice to be deceptive. As mentioned previously, the scanner detects real errors; however, that does not mean that they are critical or that they can be fixed only with the help of an expensive tool. Unfortunately, the app can start showing misleading security warnings just to make you think that you are in big trouble that requires immediate action.

Have you noticed a helpline number being advertised? (844) 763-5838 is the number that you can see on the official PC Purifier download page, on its scanner, and on fake pop-up alerts. Clearly, the developer of the PUP really wants you to call this helpline, and you might jump to doing that as soon as you face a pop-up suggesting that your computer is at risk and that you need to contact the “Emergency Tech Support.” If you do that, you might be pushed into paying for the services of the suspicious PUP, and, of course, that is not what we recommend. In fact, what we recommend is deleting the program ASAP.

How to remove PC Purifier

If you have not been pushed into purchasing the full version of PC Purifier yet, you can go ahead and erase this potentially unwanted program. If you have paid money for it already, try getting it back. When it comes to deleting PC Purifier, you can easily uninstall this application via Control Panel. Another option would be erasing the files as well as registry keys and values linked to this PUP. The guide below shows how to do that manually. One more option you have is to install anti-malware software. Are you not sure if you want to invest in anti-malware software? Think if you can erase all unwanted and unreliable programs from your PC, and if you can prevent malware from attacking you in the future. If you cannot, it is high time you took care of your virtual security by installing this software right now.

Removal Guide

  1. Delete the file named PC Purifier.lnk on the Desktop.
  2. Tap Win+E keys to access Explorer.
  3. Enter %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks into the bar at the top.
  4. Delete the tasks named PC Purifier, PC Purifier_DEFAULT, and PC Purifier_UPDATES.
  5. Enter %WINDIR%\Tasks into the bar at the top.
  6. Delete the tasks named PC Purifier_DEFAULT.job and PC Purifier_UPDATES.job.
  7. Now, Delete all PC Purifier-related folders found in these directories:
    • %APPDATA%
    • %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\
  8. Tap Win+R keys to launch RUN.
  9. Type regedit.exe and click OK to access Registry Editor.
  10. Move to {HKCU or HKLM}\SOFTWARE\ or {HKCU or HKLM}\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\.
  11. Delete the key named PC Purifier.
  12. Move to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall or HKLM\ SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall.
  13. Delete the key named PC Purifier_is1.
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