PC Performer

What is PC Performer?

PC Performer is an insecure program which is known as a registry cleaner or system optimization tool.  It is advisable to remove this application as it attempts to lure the user into purchasing the full version of the program. The application is available at appround.com, where some other programs, including Zip Performer, Video Performer, and Driver Performer are promoted.

What does PC Performer do?

The program in question is presented as a tool that can remove unnecessary components from the Registry, improve the performance of the overall system, create backups of the system before the errors in the Registry are fixed, and so on. PC Performer does detect some errors, but some of them may be unrelated to your operating system. Below you will find one of the warnings that can be displayed by the unwanted program:

21 registry errors found!
Large number of registry errors indicate that your computer may be at a high risk of computer crashes, unwanted system errors, and slow software startup. Purchase now

Note that the number of the errors can differ on different computers.


If you really want to tweak the performance of the system and increase the startup speed, remove PC Performer from the PC with a reliable spyware removal tool. If you are reading the review because your browser is hijacked by appround.com offering you to install this application, ignore the recommendation. PC Performer is not the most reliable tool as it may sometimes remove important components of the registry, which is likely to have some effect on the performance of the system.

Moreover, the application can be bundled with other free programs, which means that you should always read the terms of use before you click the Next or Install button. If you are not familiar with the additional application, do not hurry to install it.

In case your Windows Registry needs to be edited, do not use PC Performer. Use a reliable and reputable registry cleaner in order to resolve various system performance issues.

How to remove PC Performer?

PC Performer is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Get rid of unwanted scans and pop-up warnings using SpyHunter, which is a powerful anti-spyware tool that can easily eliminate various computer threats. Not only can this software guard you against malware and spyware threats, but also save your time by launching automatic system scans. Do not hesitate and implement the recommended program to have PC Performer removed from the machine. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of PC Performer*


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