PC Optimizer Pro

What is PC Optimizer Pro?

If you do not want to be scammed by cyber criminals, you need to delete PC Optimizer Pro as soon as you notice its misleading interface on the desktop of your operating Windows system. Even though the tool looks like an authentic application, in reality it is nothing else but a fake system optimizer. The bogus program boasts of abilities to scan your computer, remove malicious threats and fix system problems. Unfortunately, all of this is a deceitful lie and the application cannot provide you with any benefits. It is essential to remove PC Optimizer Pro not only because it terrorizes you into giving up your money but also because it may expose security vulnerabilities to other clandestine and malicious computer infections.


How does PC Optimizer Pro work?

The deceitful optimizer has been developed by schemers to resemble an authentic tool. The interface of the fictional program is presented with various services, including Live Chat Support, Universal Fixer and Program Uninstaller. What is more, it is proclaimed that Microsoft is the official PC Optimizer Pro partner. Needless to say, this is not the truth. Actually, all of the misleading attributes are meant to trick you into purchasing the licensed version of the fictitious tool. Anti-Spyware-101.com experts warn you that paying the requested sum is not something you should engage with. If you do, your money will be lost for good and your private information (e.g. credit card information) will be leaked to the mischievous third parties. Therefore, we recommend that you ignore the misleading interface or the bogus pop-ups (see below) and delete PC Optimizer Pro as soon as possible.

Name: taskmgr.exe
Name: C:\WINDOWS\taskmgr.exe

Suspicious software activity is detected by PC Optimizer Pro on your computer.
Please start system files scanning for details.

Even though the alerts may pop-up from the Task Bar, this does not indicate that the detected issues are real. This is yet another trick to convince you that it is absolutely necessary for you to purchase the full version of the completely worthless and unnecessary tool. Please continue reading to learn more about the threat and its removal.

How to remove PC Optimizer Pro?

The manual PC Optimizer Pro removal is an extremely complicated task and you should not proceed with it if you have never removed one single malicious file manually before. Only highly experienced users will be able to locate the rootkit PCOptimizerPro.exe and other malicious files which require removal. If you think the manual option is not for you, find an automatic spyware remover which will delete the fake tool automatically. Click the download button presented below to install SpyHunter. If you have questions regarding the authentic and reliable spyware remover or the infection – leave a comment below.

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