PC Health Kit

What is PC Health Kit?

If after installing freeware the suspicious PC Health Kit has popped up on the desktop of your personal computer, you certainly need to remove this program from your Windows system. Even though the product developed by PC Help Labs can be installed from the official source pchealthkit.com, it usually travels as a bundled download. The application is often categorized as a rogue registry cleaner or a fake system optimizer because its services are unreliable and useless. In case you have installed the tool yourself hoping that it will clean the Registry, increase PC speeds or protect your virtual identity, you have been tricked. Even though the tool may provide some authentic services, it may remove harmless files and registry keys, or simply miss the real issues. So, how should you delete PC Health Kit?test

How does PC Health Kit work?

Immediately after you install the application or it is dropped alongside freeware, you are introduced to an interface flaunting such services as Home, Registry, Clean Up, Optimize and Settings. You should not trust the presented scanner because it does not mirror the real state of your personal computer. Have you been informed that there are thousands of issues related to the performance of the system? Luckily, it is just a scare tactic to convince you into registering for the full version product. Here are a few recommendations provided by the rogue optimizer:

Attention! [xxxx] items to clean and optimize on your PC […]
[xx] residual files to clean […]
[xx] invalid shortcuts to remove […]
Remove programs to speed up start time

There are [….] items to clean and optimize on your PC…
To immediately clean and optimize your PC you need to register PC Health Kit.

If you decide to register for the full version tool you are routed to an unfamiliar website where you are asked to share your full name, email address, country and postal code. After this, you are rushed to choose either the PC Health Kit for $29.99 or PC Health Kit Pro for $39.99. Additionally, you are offered the supposedly beneficial Automatic Windows Backup for $9.95. Needless to say, this leads you to a virtual form where you need to share your credit card information, and this is the last thing you should do.

How to remove PC Health Kit?

As research shows, you can delete PC Health Kit manually in some cases. Of course, if this does not work for you – install authentic malware removal software right away. Anti-Spyware-101.com spyware researchers suggest installing SpyHunter, an automatic malware remover which will also ensure full-time Windows protection. If your Windows system is not guarded by anti-spyware tools, soon enough a dangerous program could invade without any notice. Therefore, you should delete the rogue optimizer and install a reliable system protector.

Delete PC Health Kit from Windows

  • Windows XP: click Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs-> Remove the unwanted program.
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7: Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> right-click the undesirable application -> Uninstall.
  • Windows 8: right-click the Metro UI start screen -> All apps -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> right-click the application you wish to remove -> Uninstall.
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