Package Access Helper

What is Package Access Helper?

Package Access Helper might seem like a malicious process as it could show error messages, stop you from installing new applications, make particular programs crash, drain your device’s battery, and so on. Nevertheless, specialists confirm it a genuine process or an application associated with the Android operating system. It is just in some cases that it may start causing users problems out of nowhere. As we researched this issue, we realized it is not entirely new since some of the users’ reports on various forums shows it occurred a couple of years ago as well. Surprisingly, to this day there is not much information about Package Access Helper error, although there are a few solutions that helped some of the users who faced this problem. Therefore, if you are having similar troubles with your Android device, we advise you to read the rest of our report and take a look at the recommended solutions available at the end of the article.

What is Package Access Helper?

Package Access Helper could be described as an application or a process responsible for particular functions on Android devices. To be more accurate, it is used by the operating system to install or uninstall new tools, updates, etc. If the device is working as it is supposed to, the user should not even know about its existence. However, there are cases when it starts working incorrectly, and when it happens, the user might become unable to install new tools or remove the old ones. Plus, some applications could start crashing, and the user may see error messages saying Package Access Helper has stopped working. Not to mention at the same time you may notice your device is running out of battery quicker than usual.

What makes Package Access Helper malfunction or show error messages?

According to some computer security specialists, the described issues might appear after the device installs some application incorrectly. In such case, the process might get stuck, and as a consequence, it should continuously run in the background and drain the device’s battery. Moreover, because the Package Access Helper gets stuck, the user might be unable to install any other programs or tools. The strange part is there are also users’ reports claiming they were experiencing issues with the same process, but they were able to install the tools they needed anyway; its just they had to download old versions of them. Thus, there is also a possibility the problems with the process in question could occur because of lack of particular system updates.

How to solve issues with Package Access Helper?

Clearly, Package Access Helper could malfunction on separate devices because of different problems, and this is precisely why there might be lots of different solutions too. We cannot guarantee any of our listed methods will help you get rid of the described error and solve any problems with your Android device, but if you have not tried something from the list available below this article, we encourage you to try it since in this situation there is not knowing what may help.

Solutions that could help with the Package Access Helper problem

  1. If the mentioned process crashed right after installing a particular application, try to reinstall it.
  2. If you have no idea which of the programs could be installed incorrectly, try reinstalling all of them.
  3. Go to the Google Play Store and download all available updates.
  4. In some cases, it might help deleting all cache partition from the device.
  5. If nothing helps, you could try resetting the device to Factory settings or calling the device’s warranty provider. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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