OnlineMusic Search

What is OnlineMusic Search?

OnlineMusic Search is a Google Chrome extension developed for music lovers. It promises to make it easier to find “FREE unlimited music, song, full albums, music videos.” It does look quite a useful application, so it does not surprise us at all that 82 565 users have already installed it from the Chrome Web Store. If you are one of these users, you should know that this application is not exactly what it claims to be, so keeping it active would not be such a good idea. Do not worry, it is not harmful malware, but it would not be truth if we told you that it is a trustworthy application either because it acts as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). There are several reasons it has fallen into this category – read the rest of this article to find more about this extension. If you decide to disable it after reading this article, do this right away. The last paragraph of this report contains all you need to know about its removal.testtest

What does OnlineMusic Search do?

OnlineMusic Search is not a very unique program. Similar applications exist too, e.g. FilmsApp Search and MusicApp Search. As a consequence, it was not difficult at all for specialists working at to find out how this piece of software acts. What they have observed immediately is that OnlineMusic Search changes the default search tool on Google Chrome the first thing after the successful installation. Unfortunately, we cannot call it a trustworthy search provider because it redirects all users’ searches to before displaying search results based on the entered search query for them. Unfortunately, the final result, i.e., the search results users see are the modified Yahoo! search results. The so-called modified search results might be quite dangerous. Specifically speaking, they might redirect you straight to untrustworthy pages if you click on them, so be very careful when you perform web searches. What else you should notice after the successful installation of this Google Chrome extension is the button at the upper part of your browser. It will open a small window with a search box that will enable you to search for music straight from your web browser. We are sure you will find these changes applied undesirable if it has affected your browser without your knowledge. In such a case, delete OnlineMusic Search without further consideration.

Where does OnlineMusic Search come from?

You could have installed OnlineMusic Search on your computer straight from its homepage or the Chrome Web Store, but, of course, it could have been installed on your system somehow differently as well. According to specialists, you could have installed it accidentally by clicking on a pop-up promoting it. Users usually find those pop-ups on dubious pages, but they might also be opened automatically for them when they surf the web.  In such a case, it would be smart to perform an in-depth scan with a reputable security tool because the chances are high that an advertising-supported application (adware) is installed on your computer. Potentially unwanted applications are not the only ones that can successfully enter your system without your knowledge, so it will not be enough to be slightly more cautious to ensure the system’s maximum protection. What our security specialists recommend for you is installing a reputable security tool. You can acquire an antimalware tool from the web but do not forget that not all the tools are trustworthy.

How to remove OnlineMusic Search

OnlineMusic Search is not a harmful infection, so it has not made any major modifications on your computer, we can assure you. Instead, it is an ordinary Google Chrome extension, so its removal should not be difficult. If you have time for the manual removal of OnlineMusic Search, erase it yourself using our manual removal guide; however, if you are a very busy person, acquire the automated tool and use it to clean your system. The latter is the easiest undesirable software removal method, so you should choose it over the manual method if you do not consider yourself an experienced user.

OnlineMusic Search removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Start Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Locate OnlineMusic Search.
  6. Select it and click the trash button.
  7. Click Remove in the dialog box. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of OnlineMusic Search*

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