Online Radio Finder Tab

What is Online Radio Finder Tab?

Online Radio Finder Tab is a browser extension that works on the Chrome browser. The app is part of the Chrome extension wave that we have been dealing with for a while now. These extensions are potentially unwanted programs because users do not plan to have them added to their browsers. As a result, they need to terminate Online Radio Finder Tab and several other unwanted applications that might have entered their computers, too. Please note that such applications usually come in packs, so if you want to detect all of them, better run a full system scan with a security tool right now.test

Where does Online Radio Finder Tab come from?

When it comes to potentially unwanted programs, they tend to have many ways to reach target systems. The same applies to Online Radio Finder Tab as well. This extension clearly has a page on the Chrome Web Store, but users would seldom open the page to add the extension directly. Also, the app might have an official homepage, but we also doubt whether the users would encounter the main homepage directly when they browse the web. It is far more likely that users add the extension to Chrome when they visit some websites that promote such applications.

Let’s think of all the video streaming and online gaming sites that you visit on a regular basis. Or any other page that displays a lot of commercial ads. If those pages automatically launch random pop-ups and new windows with all sorts of offers and notifications, there is a good chance that one of the offers might be related to Online Radio Finder Tab. In some cases, users don’t even notice how they click the Add button because they are too preoccupied with closing the pop-up window.

This is why we always emphasize how important it is to change your browsing habits. Being more attentive and responsible about the websites you visit and the content you interact with is important if you want to avoid all sorts of cybersecurity issues. Hence, although Online Radio Finder Tab is not a direct system security threat, it would be better to avoid it and all the other similar applications that could expose you to dubious content.

What does Online Radio Finder Tab do?

Now, if you were to read the notification that offers to add Online Radio Finder Tab to your browser, you would know what to expect from this extension. As it is, users often don’t notice how they add the app, and then they get taken by surprise when they launch their browser, and suddenly there’s a new search engine there. However, the modifications that Online Radio Finder Tab performs are laid out in the notification. And by adding the extension, you agree to authorize those modifications:

  • Replace the page you see when opening a new tab

  • Read your browsing history

Thus, don’t be surprised when Online Radio Finder Tab changes your new tab settings, and all your search queries get redirected to What’s more, it’s not like Online Radio Finder Tab can provide you with an original search service. The truth is that the extension employs Yahoo! Search to give you back your search results. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Yahoo! Search, but why reach it through Online Radio Finder Tab when you can simply access it directly?

There are more rather dubious things about this application, but the point is that there’s no need to use a third-party application to launch online radio stations when you can just do it directly. Also, by getting rid of the middleman, you would avoid a lot of potential security issues.

How do I remove Online Radio Finder Tab?

It is very easy to remove Online Radio Finder Tab. We recommend resetting your browser to default as it would remove all the other unwanted applications and the logged tracking cookies, too. Also, you should scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner because you need to locate other unwanted programs that could be have been added to your computer. Remove all the potential threats and then secure your PC against other threats by investing in a reliable antispyware application.

Manual Online Radio Finder Tab Removal

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  4. Scroll down again and click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Press Reset settings to confirm. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Online Radio Finder Tab*

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