One Click Booster

What is One Click Booster?

One Click Booster is supposed to boost your Windows operating system by fixing errors in the Windows Registry and by deleting certain things, such as malware, PUPs, temporary files, cache, etc. While it is possible that this potentially unwanted program could clear your browsing history and eliminate the temp files successfully, you do not want to rely on it to clear your entire operating system from malware. This is not a security tool, and the best it can do is eliminate the components you can easily eliminate yourself. This is why we classify it as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) too. Do you know what you should do about PUPs? You should get rid of them. The instructions our researchers at created below will help you remove One Click Booster without much trouble, but we advise reading the report first to understand how risky it might be to trust untrustworthy programs. Please take note of any questions that might come up, and use the comments section to present them to our malware experts.test

How does One Click Booster work?

There’s a good chance that you downloaded One Click Booster from, but how did you end up on this website? Did you find it via web search? Or were you redirected to it via a suspicious pop-up or advertisement? Needless to say, if you downloaded the PUP from its official website, you are in a favorable position. Those who download software using bundled downloaders served by third parties are at risk of letting in malware. So, if you have downloaded One Click Booster along with something else, it is a good idea to scan your system. In the best case scenario, you will learn that your system is clean (excluding the PUP), but if you learn that other threats exist, you want to assess them right away. If there are more dangerous threats around, you want to remove them first. The PUP can wait a minute. As a matter of fact, this program cannot do you much harm if you do not interact with it and delete it swiftly. Once downloaded, it will start a system scan to intimidate you and trick you into thinking that you need to remove a bunch of issues, which, of course, can be done only with the full version of the PUP.

According to our malware research team, One Click Booster is a fake system optimizer, and its promises to speed up your computer are pretty much empty. This PUP was created in the same vein as Pc Cleanup 2018, AutoClean Pro 2018, Win PC Repair 2018, and a bunch of other fake optimizers. They might look professional, and, as we mentioned earlier, they might delete some insignificant components, but they are useless. The only reason they are created is to scam Windows users and make them pay for bogus services. Although One Click Booster is signed by Ab Reach TechnoIogies Private Limited, it is impossible to know who exactly created this program, especially since there are hundreds of clones of this program. All in all, if you spend money on the tool, you will get nowhere, and your operating system will remain vulnerable to real threats that could, actually, decrease your system’s speeds significantly.

How to remove One Click Booster

You probably understand already why deleting One Click Booster is the right move. Even though this program looks legitimate, genuine, and even useful, it is pretty much the opposite of that. It creator wants to get your money, and they care not about your virtual security. Speeding up your operating system is not on their agenda either. Hopefully, you have not paid anything yet, in which case, remove One Click Booster and anything else that might have been found. Of course, we recommend eliminating the PUP even if you paid for it. Before that, you can try to get your money back, but since the creator is not very trustworthy, we cannot guarantee that you will succeed at getting back what belongs to you. You can find a manual removal guide below, and we hope that you will use it successfully to eliminate the PUP. However, if you know that more dangerous threats exist, it might be time to install anti-malware software.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open the Control Panel (via the Start/Windows menu on the Taskbar; Settings on Windows 10).
  2. Navigate to the Uninstall a program menu under Programs to find all installed apps.
  3. Select the undesirable application and click Uninstall.
  4. Run a full system scan to check if there are other things you might need to eliminate. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of One Click Booster*

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