OFFWHITE Ransomware

What is OFFWHITE Ransomware?

OFFWHITE Ransomware is a malicious application that encrypts files and adds the .OFFWHITE extension at the end of their names, for example, receipt.pdf.OFFWHITE. After encrypting files, the malware should create a ransom note. The text on it suggests that the threat is used to attack various organizations. To force companies to put up with cybercriminals’ demands, the note says that hackers will leak sensitive information that it claims was transferred to their server before the encryption process began. They could say such things just to scare victims, although we cannot know for sure. Truth to be told, there are no reassurances that hackers will deliver the promised decryption tools either and it is possible that they will ask to pay for them first. To learn more about the malware and its ransom note, we invite you to read the rest of this article. If you want to erase OFFWHITE Ransomware manually, you could use the instructions available below the text.testtest

Where does OFFWHITE Ransomware come from?

The malware could be spread through spam emails. Since OFFWHITE Ransomware seems to be used to attack organizations, it is likely that employees or owners of the targeted companies could receive emails with malicious documents or other types of files. Thus, to prevent such threats from entering a system it is vital to be cautious with files received from unknown people or unexpectedly even if they seem harmless. The smartest thing to do is scan doubtful data before opening it with a legitimate antimalware tool. Also, the threat’s installer could be dropped by exploiting unsecured RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connections. Therefore, we recommend eliminating such weaknesses for companies that use RDP connections to ensure that no one could gain unauthorized access to their systems.

How does OFFWHITE Ransomware work?

In the beginning victims might not notice the malicious application’s presence as it ought to be hiding until it finishes encrypting all targeted files. It would seem OFFWHITE Ransomware was programmed to encrypt files that do not have the following extensions: .exe, .dll, .ini, .cpl, .lnk, .mp3, .mp4, and .com. Therefore, some system and program files should be left unencrypted while pictures, documents, archives, and other types of files should become locked with a secure encryption algorithm. Enciphered files are not damaged and can be unlocked, but the problem is that victims need unique decryption keys and decryptors to do so.

According to OFFWHITE Ransomware’s ransom note, the only way to decrypt any files affected by this malware is to use software that belongs to its creators. In the note, hackers claim that victims can get decryption tools by contacting them via email. To convince victims to do so, cybercriminals say that they have copied sensitive data and that they are going to leak it if they are not contacted via given email addresses. It is not said how much time victims have to get in touch with hackers, but it is that they will get more instructions on what they have to do to get decryption tools. It is not a secret that most cybercriminals ask to pay ransom in exchange for the decryption tools, which is why we believe that victim's off this malicious application might be asked to pay too. It is vital to know that hackers could be lying and that there are no guarantees that they will deliver the promised decryption tools. Thus, we recommend thinking carefully before deciding what to do about the cybercriminals’ demands.

How to delete OFFWHITE Ransomware?

Removing such a malicious application could be difficult and you should know that there are two ways to get rid of it. If you think you are experienced enough, you could try to erase OFFWHITE Ransomware by following our provided deletion instructions that are available below. We cannot promise that they will help in every case, but they could help users delete the threat manually. The other way to remove OFFWHITE Ransomware is to download a legitimate antimalware tool, scan your computer with it, and then press the giving deletion button.

Remove OFFWHITE Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Open Task Manager and click on Processes.
  3. Find a process belonging to the malware.
  4. Select it and click End Task.
  5. Close Task Manager.
  6. Press Windows key+E.
  7. Search these directories:
  8. Look for the malware’s installer (e.g., it might be a recently received PDF document), right-click the malicious file, and press Delete.
  9. Go to: %TEMP%
  10. Find a file called scam.jpg, right-click it, and press Delete.
  11. Then go to C disk and delete the malware’s ransom note called OFFWHITE-MANUAL.txt.
  12. Exit File Explorer.
  13. Empty Recycle Bin.
  14. Restart the computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of OFFWHITE Ransomware*

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