Offers Chasers

What is Offers Chasers?

If you cannot stand coupons and other irritating advertisements Offers Chasers could disturb your browsing. That is because the application’s primary function appears to be showing targeted advertisements from different third parties. It is one of the reasons why the tool falls under the classification of PUPs (short for potentially unwanted programs). Also, users who encounter it should be aware the displayed ads may not necessarily come from reliable websites. To put it more simply, there is a chance they could come from potentially harmful web pages as well. For this reason, our researchers at recommend erasing the Offers Chasers before anything bad happens. Users who cannot decide yet could read the text first, and as for those who wish to remove it faster, we advise checking the last paragraph and the instructions located below it.testtest

Where does Offers Chasers come from?

Some users may download the PUP from, while others might come across it somewhat accidentally. For instance, Offers Chasers might travel with bundled installation files, unreliable pop-up advertisements, questionable browser extensions, etc. One way or another, the fact is some users could install it unknowingly because they might not be attentive enough during the installation process. First of all, it would be wise to pick a reliable source for downloading the installer, then we recommend selecting custom settings if possible and reviewing all information available on the configuration wizard most carefully. If you notice there are suggestions of other software, it would be best to deselect them, unless they look useful; in such situation, you could research the suggested tools first to make sure they will not endanger the system. Additionally, users could pick a legitimate antimalware tool since it can strengthen the computer and warn about potentially dangerous content.

How does Offers Chasers work?

Provided the user browses with Google Chrome and the PUP manages to get in, it might replace user’s homepage with As a result, the affected website should start lading the mentioned site each time it is launched. This web page works as a search engine, and it might provide the user with targeted advertisements. Apparently, while you search the Internet with it, the PUP might gather anonymous information, such as entered keywords, clicked ads, visited web pages, etc. Later, this data could be shared with the program’s third-party associates so they could provide the user with advertisements based on his interests. No matter how attractive these ads may look like, you should first check whether they come from trustworthy sources because according to the application’s End User License Agreement paper Offers Chasers developers cannot guarantee their “safety of use.” Thus, keep it in mind they might advertise potentially harmful content, lead you to scam web pages, etc.

How to erase Offers Chasers?

Deleting the PUP should not be difficult, although it might appear to be more complicated for inexperienced users. It happens to be we cannot name the browser extension Offers Chasers might have entered your system with, so if you want to get rid of it manually, you would have to identify it yourself. On the other hand, if you do not mind installing an antimalware tool the process could appear to be faster and easier since then you could just do a system scan, and the tool would detect potential threats automatically. Also, after the scan, the user should be able to delete all detections with a single mouse click.

Get rid of Offers Chasers

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click ALT+F to access Settings.
  3. Select More tools to go to Extensions and find an extension that might be associated with Offers Chasers.
  4. Then press the recycle bin button available near the selected extension.
  5. Choose Remove to confirm you agree to eliminate this extension.
  6. Restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Offers Chasers*

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