Nransom Ransomware

What is Nransom Ransomware?

Nransom Ransomware has been categorized as ransomware, but it slightly differs from ordinary ransomware infections, we have to say. Surprisingly, it does not want users’ money. It locks victims’ screens and then asks them to send 10 nude pictures instead. Do not even think about doing this – you could remove the opened screen from your Desktop yourself even though it does not have X in the top-right corner and cannot be resized or moved. Unlike a bunch of other ransomware infections researchers working at analyze every day, it does not encrypt a single file on the system. As mentioned, it only opens a window with a message and a picture of the fictional character Thomas the Tank Engine. Because of this, this threat is called a screenlocker. You cannot leave this threat active on your computer even if you have managed to access your Desktop – it is only a question of time when you will find it opened again. The removal of Nransom Ransomware should not be very complicated if you follow our manual removal guide provided right below this paragraph.test

What does Nransom Ransomware do?

Nransom Ransomware does not encrypt a single personal file on victims’ computers. In this sense, it differs from ordinary ransomware infections. Even though this malicious application is not as harmful as other threats that belong to the crypto-malware category, it does not mean that it is not an annoying malicious application. If you are reading this article from the beginning, you should already know how it acts – it opens a screen-locking window. Users need to get the “special unlock code” to remove it from their screens. It cannot be purchased from cyber criminals behind this ransomware infection. Cyber criminals want users to send an email to first, and then send at least “10 nude pictures” right after receiving a reply. If these pictures successfully go through the verification procedure, the unlock code will be given to the victim. Without a doubt, there are no guarantees that you will get it. Additionally, these pictures will be sold on the black market, and we are sure you do not want strangers to have their hands on them. Do not worry, we are sure you will manage to access your Desktop and then fully delete the ransomware infection from your system even if you do not send these 10 pictures. Continue reading to find out what you can do.

Where does Nransom Ransomware come from?

As you already know, Nransom Ransomware is not crypto-malware. Instead, it is a screenlocker; however, our specialists say that it should be distributed exactly like infections encrypting files. To be more specific, it should be mainly distributed as an attachment in spam emails, so do not open a single spam email and its attachment if you do not want to discover malicious software on your computer. It should be emphasized that ransomware infections are not the only threats that might enter your system after the launch of the malicious email attachment. Of course, this is only one of several distribution methods that might be used to promote Nransom Ransomware. It is possible to download ransomware infections from random file-sharing websites too, so you should download applications only from trustworthy websites if you do not want to encounter malware. Our last piece of advice for you would be to keep a security application enabled 24/7. Make sure you install a trustworthy tool that could protect you against the latest infections too.

How to delete Nransom Ransomware

You do not need to be a malware removal expert to remove Nransom Ransomware from your computer, but we still suggest that you follow the manual removal guide provided below this article. First, you need to press Alt+Tab on your keyboard and access your Desktop. Then, open your Task Manager, locate the malicious process, and kill it. Third, delete the malicious file associated with the killed process. Finally, users should remove all recently downloaded suspicious files. The ransomware infection cannot be left active because it is very likely that it will open a screen-locking window once again. On top of that, it can connect to the Internet without permission.

Remove Nransom Ransomware

  1. Press Alt+Tab.
  2. Select the Desktop window.
  3. Open Task Manager (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc).
  4. Open the Processes tab.
  5. Locate the process with the nRansom description.
  6. Right-click it and select Open File Location.
  7. Kill the process.
  8. Delete the malicious file associated with the process from the opened directory.
  9. Remove all recently downloaded suspicious files.
  10. Empty your Recycle Bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Nransom Ransomware*

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