Novter Botnet

What is Novter Botnet?

Novter Botnet is a file-less botnet that is used to control infected machines. Users often do not know that they are infected with a botnet, and they might continue using their computers for a long time before they notice that something is wrong. If your computer has been acting weird, and you want to know whether it has been affected by this botnet, you can scan your system with the SpyHunter free scanner. If the infection is found, please remove Novter Botnet as soon as possible. Should you need any help with malware removal, feel free to leave us a comment.

Where does Novter Botnet come from?

To tell you the truth, Novter Botnet has a long history. This botnet belongs to the KovCoreG campaign. This malware campaign has been active since 2011. It is also known as the Kovnet botnet malware. The infection usually comes through malicious advertisements and exploit kits. Security experts have been fighting to liquidate this botnet for years, and supposedly, the botnet was taken down in 2018. However, it doesn’t mean that the malware associated with this campaign has disappeared.

As you can clearly see in the case of Novter Botnet, these malicious infections are still thriving, and it doesn’t look like they are about to go away. They still employ malicious advertisements (or malvertising) to reach their victims in the United States. Although computer users in the United States have always been the main target of such malware campaigns, new research shows that Novter Botnet is slithering into European countries, too.

To reach their victims, Novter Botnet employs socially engineered malicious advertisements that pique the user’s interests, and they feel obliged to click them. Then, the users are tricked into downloading a software package that is supposed to update their old Adobe Flash application. The truth is that such fake Adobe Flash updates are quite commonly used to spread malware. Please be aware of the fact that you can update your Adobe Flash through the program’s settings. Also, if automatic update function is on, you should be prompted with the new update by your browser. There’s no need to trust these random notifications about Adobe Flash updates.

However, if users still download this “update” file, what they get instead is a malicious HTML file, and if they open the file, it automatically connects to a remote server and loads additional scripts that launch another PowerShell script. This PowerShell script, in turn, turns off your Windows Defender and automatic Windows Updates to make your system vulnerable. Finally, Novter Botnet reaches the computer and gets executed on your system. However, it doesn’t drop any file, so no one is really able to tell immediately that they have been infected.

What does Novter Botnet do?

When the system is infected with Novter Botnet, the malware works as a backdoor. It means that it allows remote access to your system for other malevolent parties. The infection constantly communicates with its command and control (C&C) server, and it might execute a number of actions upon the affected system.

The infection can download a lot of JavaScript modules from its C&C for various purposes. In a sense, this botnet can collect information from your system and send it over to its owners. It could also make use of your system’s resources to perform distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against various entities along with other bots in its network. The point is that the possibilities are endless, and the longer this infection remains on your system, the more damage it can bring. Hence, the sooner you remove the infection, the better.

How do I remove Novter Botnet?

As mentioned, the infection is file-less, but there COULD be other malicious files left on your system. Also, there could be files associated with this intruder in the %TEMP% directory. To see the full list of the files you need to terminate, please scan your computer with a security tool.

Also, you should review your web browsing habits if you want to avoid similar infections in the future. Do not be so hasty as to click random advertisements. Be wary of unfamiliar content that you encounter online. If the content seems to be tailored specially for you, it could be a trap.

Manual Novter Botnet Removal

  1. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  2. Remove all JS format files.
  3. Run a full system scan with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Novter Botnet*

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