No_More_Ransom Ransomware

What is No_More_Ransom Ransomware?

No_More_Ransom Ransomware is among the newest versions of Rapid Ransomware. It is quite a typical ransomware infection, so we cannot list any unique facts about it. It simply locks files on affected computers immediately after it reaches them. Ransomware infections are often designed to damage users’ personal files so that it would be easier to extract money from them. If you ever fall victim to No_More_Ransom Ransomware, you should not pay money to cyber criminals. You simply do not know whether sending money will really help you to get your files back. Encrypted files are an annoying but not exactly a huge problem if you have a backup with all your files on an external storage device because you could retrieve them with a click of a button. Do not forget that you must delete No_More_Ransom Ransomware first to prevent your files from being encrypted once again. Unfortunately, there might be no other free tools to fix encrypted files. Please continue reading this report if you have no idea how to erase the ransomware infection from the system.test

What does No_More_Ransom Ransomware do?

You files have already been encrypted by No_More_Ransom Ransomware if you have noticed that their extensions have been changed to .no_more_ransom out of the blue. Of course, you will also notice that you can no longer open any of these files. There is one more symptom showing that you have really encountered the ransomware infection – you should be able to locate two files containing the identical message on your computer: recovery.txt in %APPDATA% and How Recovery Files.txt all over your PC. These two files are nothing else than ransom notes. You will be, first, told what has happened to your personal files: “All your files have been ENCRYPTED.” Then, you will find out that you will have a chance to unlock those encrypted files only if you contact cyber criminals.  No_More_Ransom Ransomware leaves two email addresses ( and, but a bunch of other emails might be used instead, research has shown. If you send an email with a unique ID to crooks, you should receive an answer with more information on the decryption of files soon. You will, most likely, be asked to purchase the special decryptor that can unlock files from cyber criminals. These tools are not cheap, so think twice before transferring money to malicious software developers. Do not forget that you might not even get the decryptor from them. We are not going to lie – it is quite common for users not to receive the promised decryptor after transferring money.

Where does No_More_Ransom Ransomware come from?

No_More_Ransom Ransomware is mainly distributed via spam, which clearly shows that users are the ones who allow this malicious application to enter their computers by opening malicious attachments from these emails. Also, security specialists say that users might discover No_More_Ransom Ransomware installed on their computers if their RDP connections get hacked. In other words, cyber criminals might place malware on their PCs directly after accessing systems remotely. If your system is not protected against malicious software properly, any malicious application might slither onto the computer unnoticed. You can prevent this from happening. We know one simple method to ensure the system’s maximum security. You do not need to do anything except for installing an antimalware tool on your system. It will not allow a single threat to affect your PC illegally. Of course, a tool you use must be 100% trustworthy.

How to remove No_More_Ransom Ransomware

Once executed, No_More_Ransom Ransomware copies itself to %APPDATA% - you will find the info.exe file there. Also, as mentioned previously, it drops ransom notes all over the computer. To delete No_More_Ransom Ransomware fully, you need to erase all those files from your PC. If you do not have time for locating and eliminating its components manually, you should simply scan your system with an automated malware remover. Random untrustworthy scanners will not clean a single threat from your PC, so double-check the scanner you about to use before launching it on your system.

No_More_Ransom Ransomware removal guide

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Access %APPDATA%.
  3. Delete info.exe.
  4. Go to %Windir%\System32\Tasks.
  5. Delete the task Ecrypter[random_symbol].
  6. Access %APPDATA% again and delete recovery.txt.
  7. Remove How Recovery Files.txt from all affected directories.
  8. Delete all suspicious files you have downloaded and opened recently.
  9. Right-click on your Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of No_More_Ransom Ransomware*

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