NMoreira Ransomware

What is NMoreira Ransomware?

NMoreira Ransomware is a dangerous threat developed by cyber criminals who call themselves the XRatTeam. It is quite a new computer infection, but its major goal has been left unchanged. Researchers at anti-spyware-101.com are sure that this ransomware infection only seeks to extort money, so it is not surprising at all that it encrypts files the moment it successfully enters the system. Even though this computer infection targets people living in Portugal, it might enter your system and thus lock your all personal files no matter where you live. We cannot say that NMoreira Ransomware is extremely prevalent these days; however, it is still possible to infect the computer with it since it is distributed through spam emails. Continue reading to find out what you can do if this infection has already managed to enter the computer. Our researchers will also tell you more about this harmful malicious application.testtesttest

How does NMoreira Ransomware act?

Since NMoreira Ransomware has been created to lock users’ personal files and then demand a ransom primarily, it makes files unusable the second it enters the computer. To be more specific, it, first of all, scans %USERPROFILE% and %ALLUSERSPROFILE% directories. Once it finds valuable files, it encrypts them all by replacing original extensions of files with a new filename extension .maktub. These encrypted files also have a padlock icon, so it is a piece of cake to detect them. If you have checked these listed directories, you have probably already noticed that the majority of files are encrypted. If you check Desktop, you will also find a file created by this ransomware infection: Recupere seus arquivos. Leia-me!.txt. It is a ransom note left by this threat; however, it does not contain much information about the decryption of files. Users are only told to write an email to contatomaktub@email.tg with the public key that can be found in the ransom note. Even though there is no information about a ransom, there is no doubt that you will be asked to send a certain amount of money to cyber criminals. Of course, you will be provided instructions explaining how to do that. Do not send money to cyber criminals no matter what price of the decryptor is because they might send you nothing in exchange. Experts who have much experience with ransomware infections say that users should try to recover files from a backup or try to unlock them using free decryptors that can be easily downloaded from the web rather than hurry to make a payment to cyber crooks.

Even though NMoreira Ransomware deletes itself after it finishes encrypting users’ files, it still leaves some modifications applied. What experienced users find first are two new registry keys: HKCR\.maktub and HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\.maktub. In addition, its ransom note will be left on Desktop, as has already been mentioned. Unfortunately, it is always hard to delete a malicious application that makes changes in the system registry, but you should not worry much – our specialists are here to help you.

Where does NMoreira Ransomware come from?

Researchers do not have much information about the distribution of NMoreira Ransomware because it is quite a new threat. It is already clear that users do not install it willingly on their computers; however, it can still be said that they are responsible for the presence of this malware. It is because users often allow such dangerous infections as ransomware to enter their systems by opening a spam email attachment or downloading a program from a corrupted website. It might be extremely hard to prevent a similar untrustworthy application from entering the computer. Therefore, it is not surprising for us at all that not all the users manage to do that. We have a small piece of advice for those people who wish to protect their computers from dangers – they need to install a reputable security tool on their computers.

How to remove NMoreira Ransomware

It is a must to delete NMoreira Ransomware from browsers despite the fact that these encrypted files will not be unlocked. If you make a decision to remove it manually, you will have to erase registry keys it has created and its .txt file from Desktop. Also, you will have to find and delete the malicious file you have opened (if you do not do that, you might launch this threat accidentally again). It is, of course, easier to get rid of this infection automatically, e.g. using SpyHunter, so feel free to do that if you find the manual method really challenging.

Delete NMoreira Ransomware

  1. Press Win+R.
  2. Enter Control Panel in the box and then tap Enter.
  3. Move to HKCR\.maktub.
  4. Right-click on the registry key HKCR\.maktub and select Delete.
  5. Right-click on HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\.maktub and then click Delete.
  6. Delete the .txt file from Desktop.
  7. Find and eliminate the malicious file you have launched before finding your files encrypted.
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