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What is nJoyMusic Now?

There is not one day in the virtual world passing by without a useless and potentially unreliable tool like nJoyMusic Now emerging. This new Google Chrome browser extension has caught our attention and our malware experts at anti-spyware-101.com say that this is not the first such tool in its kind. In other words, a new family of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) appeared a few months ago promoting four-five similar and identical PUPs on their respective simple webpages. This time, there are ten tools on the official page, including nJoyMovies Now, nJoyMovies Search, nJoyGames Search, and nJoyMusic Search. While all these extensions may appear to be harmless, we are here to warn you that they all might pose an indirect threat to your system security. What's more, there could actually be multiple threats on board currently since this PUP can enter your computer along with more serious threats, such as malware infections. All in all, we recommend that you take action now and remove nJoyMusic Now from your browser.testtest

Where does nJoyMusic Now come from?

You can install this tool along with nine other if you visit njoyapps.com or the Chrome web store at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/njoymusic-now/lhklfkdffohhlleihibccljmellhnkhg. Whenever you install a browser extension, you should read the pop-up with the permissions very carefully and press the "Add extension" button if you are sure that these rights will not cause any privacy or security issues for you. In this case, these are the permissions you have to agree with to be able to install this PUP:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
  • Replace the page you see when opening a new tab
  • Display notifications
  • Communicate with cooperating websites

We believe that these can easily be misused to show you customized third-party ads and other content, which might be unreliable, too. This is already suspicious but it gets worse when you suddenly find yourself on a new tab that could be something like "games.iezbrowsing.com/wim/lp/offer/special.php?t=gomusix&ref=unknown&ct=ye61strtrfnrml.118" where you are told that the installation process is only at 60% and you need to install another tool to finish installation. This is a rather misleading page and such aggressive promotion should not be tolerated. We believe this already makes clear why it is best to delete nJoyMusic Now.

But, unfortunately, there is a good chance that you have never visited either of these pages and yet, you find this PUP on board. The reason is simple. This extension is also promoted in alternative ways, which also means deceptive ways. For example, you may find a pop-up on while visiting a website claiming that you need to install the latest Adobe Flash driver or security software. If you are not an advanced user, you may believe this to be true and click. This is when such a PUP may be installed behind your back. What is even worse, by clicking on unsafe third-party ads (e.g., banner and pop-up) you can easily drop a whole software bundle that could be packed with several PUPs and malware infections. No wonder why we suggest that after you delete nJoyMusic Now, you run a reliable malware scanner to identify all hiding threats on your system.

How does nJoyMusic Now work?

This tool is about promoting a questionable music streaming website, gomusix.com. When you install this PUP, it changes your homepage, new tab, and default search engine settings. When you open your Google Chrome browser or click for a new tab, you will find yourself on a search page with an animated background image. This page also displays the current local time and weather information as well. There are also quick links below the search field and a menu button on the left. In all fairness, this search page really looks professional and useful at first sight. However, this search engine uses musix.eanswers.com to display manipulate search results via Yahoo. This is to promote its own affiliates and thus generate revenue for its creators. Unfortunately, clicking on promoted content could cause system security issues since you could drop infections or even land on malicious pages where you could be scammed by cyber crooks.

This PUP also installs a button in your browser's taskbar. If you click on it, a panel comes up that provides you with a search tool to search gomusix.com and a number of thumbnail links to different music genres on gomusix.com. Since this website hosts several questionable third-party ads, we believe that it is best for you not to use it at all. In fact, you should remove nJoyMusic Now as soon as possible.

How can I delete nJoyMusic Now?

The best possible thing about this PUP is that you can easily and quickly get rid of it if you so decide. We have included the necessary instructions for you if you want to take action yourself. Please keep in mind that this PUP may be the least of your worries right now; there could be other threats hiding on your PC and even more dangerous ones. You cannot just let this unaddressed. However, it is possible that you could not detect and eliminate all the infections and PUPs yourself. This is when a reliable automated security tool like SpyHunter may come in handy. Keep this anti-malware software always up-to-date and activated for best performance. Of course, you can find any other tool that you can trust. But please note that the web is swarming with rogue and fake security programs, which could cause more issues for you than you could handle.

Remove nJoyMusic Now from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and select More tools.
  2. Choose Extensions.
  3. Locate the questionable extension.
  4. Click on the Trash can on its right.
  5. Press Remove in the confirmation window. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of nJoyMusic Now*

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