NetSurf Ads

What is NetSurf Ads?

NetSurf Ads are potentially harmful third-party advertisements disguised as best deal offers and coupons triggered by webshops. In other words, when you are doing your online shopping, you may experience an annoying flow of pop-up offers claiming to show you the lowest possible prices available on the web. Unfortunately, our malware researchers at say that this browser extension is just another adware application that is actually a perfect clone of Enhance Pro and Pro Flip, which have hit the web also recently. You need to be very cautious while online because you could be bombarded with all kinds of unreliable offers when landing on fake online shop sites, malicious pages, or when your computer is infected with adware. Since such an infection can litter your screen with potential threats, spy on you, and hijack legitimate third-party contents as well, we recommend that you make sure that your PC is clean of any possible malware programs. We advise you to remove NetSurf Ads as a start to recover your system from this infected state.testtest

Where does NetSurf Ads come from?

User reports and our research clearly show that the most likely way for you to have this adware on board without your knowledge is to install it via freeware bundles. As you may already know, bundling is one of the most widely used methods cyber criminals turn to in an attempt to spread their malicious programs. The main reason is that they can infect you with a whole package of malicious threats in one go and it is also quite easy to mislead lots of inexperienced users to do so since all it takes really is a click on the wrong content. Schemers can, for instance, set up fake file-sharing websites whose main goal is to promote such bundles while posing as stores of free or hacked programs and other files (movies, books, and music). But there are also all kinds of websites, including gaming, gambling, dating, and porn-related ones that generally host lots of annoying third-party ads and ones that you cannot even identify as ads (fake buttons, invisible scripts, false notifications, etc.). Yet another possibility for you to be introduced to harmful ads is to have a malware program on your system like this one. Hopefully, you understand now the urgency and importance of scanning your PC with a reputable online malware scanner, for example, in order to find all security holes where your system can be open for malicious attacks. We advise you to start the cleaning by deleting NetSurf Ads from your browser.

We also need to mention that this adware is advertised on websites like Apart from those, it also has its own official page,, which looks very similar to its predecessors' webpages. When you click on the "Add to Chrome" button on this page, you get redirected to the Chrome web store page, We recommend that every time you install extensions from this store, you make sure that you read the pop-up carefully that contains information about the permissions you are about to give to your new tool. This step is usually overlooked by inexperienced users and considered useless information to be ignored. This, of course, later on may lead to exposure to potentially unreliable content and your browsing habits can also be spied on and shared with third parties. All in all, we recommend that you delete NetSurf Ads as soon as possible if you want to save yourself from the unfortunate consequences.

How does NetSurf Ads work?

These advertisements are indeed the work of a browser extension called Net Surf. This adware only affects your Google Chrome browser as of yet, which does not mean that in the near future it cannot infect your other major browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This malware infection pretends to be a useful app that can show you lower prices and coupons when you land on online shopping sites. The pop-up windows this application displays are rather annoying as they overlap a major portion of your screen and hide the content that you are browsing below. Our tests show that in addition to being distracting these ads can also pose a threat to your virtual security. Cyber crooks can take advantage of the low quality and low security level of such an adware app and promote their malicious websites through them. This is why you may end up on a fake online shop or any other type of malicious pages if you click on the wrong third-party ad, i.e., supposed best offers or coupons, coming from this browser extension. Since you may be misled to share your personal data and credit card information on such pages, or in other words, you could be scammed out of your money, we suggest that you remove NetSurf Ads ASAP. So here is our solution for you.

How to delete NetSurf Ads

Finally, we can share with you how you can eliminate this threat source. This whole process should not take more than a minute really. You are lucky that this infection uses a browser extension that only affects Google Chrome. If you are ready to act, please follow our guide below. We hope that you are aware now that this may not entirely clean your PC of all possible infections. Therefore, it is important that you go on with your endeavor to make it all secure by, for example, using a professional malware removal program like SpyHunter. Apart from this, you also need to make sure that all your programs and drivers are updated frequently to prevent cyber criminals from exploiting security holes of outdated versions.

Remove NetSurf Ads from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and navigate to Settings.
  2. Scroll all the way down and click Show advanced settings.
  3. Scroll down again and click Reset settings.
  4. Press Reset in the confirmation window. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of NetSurf Ads*

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