Nanocore malspam

What is Nanocore malspam?

Nanocore malspam is a Trojan infection that can be active on your system for quite a while before you even notice that you have this program on-board. Depending on what the owners of this infection intend to do; Nanocore malspam can perform quite a few tasks, from collecting private information to boosting a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Thus, it is crucial to detect this infection as soon as possible, and then remove Nanocore malspam from your system. For the most efficient malware removal, do not hesitate in a licensed antispyware tool.

Where does Nanocore malspam come from?

This Trojan uses spam emails to reach target systems. If you have read our entries on ransomware infections before, you probably know by now that spam is used to deliver ransomware, too. Actually, spam email campaigns can be used for multiple malicious purposes, and spreading Nanocore malspam is one of them. The infection arrives at your inbox, looking like a shipment delivery notification from a reputable shipping company.

If you have to deal with a lot of shipping information every day or if you are an avid online shopper, you probably have a lot of such emails in your inbox, and this one would not look out of the ordinary. However, the problem here is that the “shipment information” in the attachment carries Nanocore malspam, and if you download and open the file, this Trojan enters your system.

From this, we can see that it is possible to avoid Trojan and other infections if we are good at recognizing spam emails. Although some spam mails might look like the real thing, we always have to ask ourselves if we know the sender and if we have expected to receive this notification. For example, a notice about a non-existent purchase shouldn’t be even taken seriously. You should delete spam emails no questions asked, but if you are not sure whether the file in question is safe or not, don’t forget you can scan it with a security tool.

What does Nanocore malspam do?

Nanocore malspam is a RAT or remote access tool. It means that it maintains connection across the Internet with its command and control (C2) center, and it may allow these criminals to take a partial control of your system. Research suggests that this program will probably turn the affected system into a bot to create a botnet.

However, Nanocore malspam is also up for sale, and so anyone can purchase this malicious code. Depending on what the owner might want from this infection, the Trojan could perform a variety of functions. For example, it can log your keystrokes, this way collecting information on your logins and passwords. It can also record videos through your webcam (if you have one) and capture screen shots. To put it simply, the Trojan can be employed to spy on you. All the recorded information can, later on, be logged and sent over to the remote C2 server.

Perhaps the most annoying part about Trojans is that they seldom have GUI. In other words, they do not manifest out in the open, and users often remain in the dark even if the Trojan is active on their system. However, if you feel that your system’s performance is not as good as before, if it takes a lot of time to load your browser or other applications, you should definitely run a full system scan with a security tool to make sure that there are no malicious infections on-board.

How do I remove Nanocore malspam?

It is possible to remove Nanocore malspam manually, but it is not recommended unless you are an experienced computer user. What’s more, during manual removal, you might miss certain files that are associated with this infection.

Hence, the fastest and the most efficient way to remove Nanocore malspam (and other malicious programs for that matter) is by using a legitimate antispyware tool. After automatic malware removal, you will also be able to protect your system against similar intruders in the future. However, keeping in mind that this Trojans and other infections come via spam email, you should definitely learn more about cybersecurity because being alert and wary of potential threats is one of the best ways to stay safe.

Manual Nanocore malspam Removal

  1. Press Win+R and type %AppData%. Click OK.
  2. Delete unknown EXE and VBS format files and folders from the directory.
  3. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  4. Repeat step 2.
  5. Delete the subfolder from the %TEMP% directory.
  6. Press Win+R and type %ProgramFiles(x86)%. Click OK.
  7. Delete the IMAP Service folder. Press Win+R again.
  8. Enter regedit into the Open box. Click OK.
  9. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  10. On the right side, locate and delete a value with a VBS format file.
  11. Scan your PC with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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