My Protection

What is My Protection?

My Protection is the latest scam you need to watch out for. By duping unsuspecting users into purchasing its full version, My Protection ensures its goals are met! Utilizing affiliate websites, which have been specifically designed to coerce and trick users into thinking their only solution to their security issues, will be to purchase the full version of My Protection. This is NOT true – and is a mere persuasion tactic employed by these type malicious scammers.
My Protection may also make use of the Trojan Vundo infection to enter into a computer system. To be sure whether a website is legitimate or whether it is an affiliate of My Protection, you can easily tell by checking to see if the website in question has authentic contact information, as more often than not the fake websites – affiliates of My Protection - will appear authentic – but upon closer inspection you will note the flaws in design and purpose. Should you suspect your system has been infiltrated with My Protection, the best thing to do would be to remove it ASAP!

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