MyMovie Start

What is MyMovie Start?

MyMovie Start is a browser extension for Google Chrome. Specialists have decided to categorize it as a browser hijacker because of the distribution method used to spread it and all these complaints saying that it has entered the computer without permission and changed the settings of the Google Chrome browser coming from users. Users who download this piece of software willingly from the Chrome Web store ( are usually aware of the fact that MyMovie Start is going to change the settings of Google Chrome upon the installation if they read the program description, whereas those users who download it from a third-party website or get it installed by clicking on a pop-up advertisement usually have no possibilities of getting acquainted with this application before installing it on their computers, so they often find changes this browser extension makes undesirable. Luckily, those changes can be undone. What users need to do is to eliminate MyMovie Start fully from their computers.testtest

What does MyMovie Start do?

If MyMovie Start successfully enters your computer, your homepage, New Tab, and Start Page will be changed. Luckily, these changes will be applied on Google Chrome only because it is the only web browser it is compatible with. Unfortunately, this means that your preferred URL will be gone and you will see the webpage of MyMovie Start every day from this moment on. This page contains a search box in the middle which allows users to search for images, videos, news, and movies online. On top of that, there is a digital clock at the upper-right part of the page. Last but not least, users can access Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular pages quickly by clicking on these quick-access buttons it contains. Of course, those websites can be opened without its help too, so it is definitely not an outstanding feature. Researchers working at have also found a serious drawback associated with this page. They have observed that users are provided with Yahoo! modified search results when they enter a search query in its search box because it is powered by a suspicious search engine These modified search results might be quite dangerous in a sense that they might take users to suspicious pages which do not contain any information related to the entered search query. As a consequence, using a search box located on the page set by MyMovie Start is not recommended. Go to replace it with a reputable search provider, e.g. Google. In order to do that, this Google Chrome browser extension needs to be removed fully from the list of add-ons, but we are sure you will not miss it because it is far from really beneficial extensions available on the market.

Where does MyMovie Start come from? is the official website of the MyMovie Start browser extension. Also, it can be installed from the Chrome Web store. Although official sources of this add-on exist, not all the users know how and when this program has entered their computers because they are sure that they have nothing to do with that. Because of this, researchers have decided to carry out research to find out more about the methods used to spread it. This research has revealed the truth. It has shown that MyMovie Start might be installed on users’ PCs after they click on malicious ads/pop-ups promoting “useful software.” Even the accidental click on a bad commercial might lead to the installation of this add-on, so it is not surprising at all that a number of users know nothing about the entrance of MyMovie Start. These undesirable extensions are quite sneaky, and they do whatever it takes to enter users’ computers, so, theoretically, you might find a new suspicious extension on your PC again one day if you do not do anything to protect your computer. You can do this by installing reputable security software.

How to delete MyMovie Start

Since the browser extension responsible for making all these changes on your Google Chrome browser is not a serious malicious application, it is possible to delete it quite easily. What users need to do is to delete this extension from their Google Chrome browsers. If you have never done that before, feel free to use instructions located below this paragraph. Alternatively, you can perform a system scan with a reputable antimalware scanner. Check a tool promoted on the web twice before allowing it to enter your computer.

MyMovie Start manual removal instructions

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the menu button to open the main menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the very bottom and click Show advanced settings.
  5. Locate the Reset settings button.
  6. Click on it.
  7. In the confirmation window, click Reset if you are sure about that.
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