What is Mymacupdater?

Mymacupdater is yet another potentially unwanted program (PUP) for Mac users that may pose an indirect threat to your system security. This PUP also exhibits traits of an ad-supported program; no wonder why other malware researchers may regard it as an adware program. According to our malware specialists at, this software is very similar to Shopperify. The potentially unreliable third-party advertisements this PUP may flood your screen with could be rather annoying; however, if you were to engage with them, even if accidentally, you might open malicious web pages or directly drop malware infections onto your system. It is quite possible that you did not install this PUP from an official source, which may also mean that there could be malware infections present on your Mac. We recommend that you remove Mymacupdater as soon as possible if you do not want to fall prey to risky advertising.

As a matter of fact, it is easier to infect your system with such a PUP and other threats than you may think. For example, it is possible that while browsing the web you land on a suspicious website that tells you to install the latest Flash driver in order to view content on the site. However, when you click Install on this pop-up ad, you may not realize that the installer screen actually informs you that by clicking Next, you agree to also install another application like this one, for instance. Most unsuspecting computer users overlook this notification since they are rushing to get it done. Unfortunately, in the end, it may cost them a number of unwanted programs and threats.

But you can also install such a PUP when you want to install a newly downloaded free application that you may have downloaded from a shady torrent site and you did not realize it came in a bundled version. You need to be extra careful with such software packages because you can easily drop several PUPs and malware threats like browser hijackers, fake alerts, Trojans, and adware programs as well in one single go. These installers are usually designed to be misleading trying to conceal important notifications or present them in a way that your focus would go somewhere else and thus miss it. It is also possible to download such a bundle when you click on corrupt third-party ads and other content displayed by suspicious websites (e.g., online gaming, gambling, video streaming, dating, and porn) or by malware infections hiding on your system. This is why it is essential, whenever in doubt, to scan your Mac with a trustworthy malware scanner after you delete Mymacupdater from your system.

This PUP is totally useless for you. It has no real function that you could actually benefit from. It may redirect you to questionable promotional pages and litter your screen with potentially unreliable third-party advertisements, best deals, and possibly coupons. This undesirable activity can be rather disruptive and annoying. But the worst is that if you happen to click on the wrong content, you could directly drop malware infections or open new tabs with malicious websites. You may, for instance, land on a fake online webshop where you may think that you are buying a product at a very low prices. However, when you enter your personal and banking details, you would simply share these data with cyber criminals, who could steal your money as a consequence. Since this PUP may collect information about your online activities, including what kinds of ads you are inclined to engage with, what sites you visit, and your IP address as well, you could be targeted with relevant-looking ads. We advise you to remove Mymacupdater as soon as you can.

You can relatively easily eliminate this PUP via your Applications window simply dragging and dropping it in your Trash. As you can see, it is quite easy to infect your computer with all kinds of threats really. In order to protect your computer, there are a few basic tactics you can apply. For example, you should avoid suspicious websites and downloading from unfamiliar torrent and freeware sites as well. In addition to that, you should also refrain from clicking on third-party ads in general. The best way to give yourself real peace of mind, though, is to install a reliable anti-malware application.

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