My1tab Extension

What is My1tab Extension?

My1tab is a browser extension that falls to the category of potentially unwanted programs, which  are usually distributed alongside other free programs. The My1tab extension is  owned and operated by Aztec Media Inc, a Cyprus-based company. The extension is promoted on its so-called official website, which loads as a search engine, and in the Chrome web store, where this application is presented very briefly. Our advice is that you remove the My1tab extension from your Chrome browser, especially if you have recently find that it has changed your browser settings.

The official website and the Chrome store are not the only methods of promotion. The My1tab extension is also advertised by different types of advertisements that are usually displayed when an adware program or other piece of malware is present on the PC. In order to prevent installation of questionable programs, it is crucial to ignore third-party advertisements, which may vary in size and type. The My1tab extension is an ad-supported product, which is why it is available at no charge, and we strongly recommend that you remove it from your browser.test

How does the My1tab extension work?

Once present on the browser, the My1tab extension changes the startup page of the new tab to That means that every time you open a new tab, you are invited to use the search engine, which displays a real time weather forecast, including wind speed, humidity, and some other details. Moreover, below the search box, you can find links to popular social networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LindkedIn. Even though these seemingly handy links are supposed to enhance users' browsing, not all computer users are satisfied about the links displayed.

The primary intended purpose of My1tab is to show you new, beautiful backgrounds on new tabs. Unfortunately, in addition to all those impressive background images, you are likely to be forced to deal with various advertisements. All those pop-up advertisements are owned by third parties, and My1tab disclaims responsibility for the content displayed and your interaction with those ads. Moreover, those third parties might be employing tracking techniques to monitor your online behavior so that new advertisements matching your interests could be displayed and have better results.

Like other browser extensions, My1tab collects certain non-personal information which includes your search terms, links selected, time spent on websites visited, and other information that would not reveal your identity. However, you should bear in mind that you if you search your name, My1tab records that search term and might use this piece of information for various purposes, including personalized advertising and what not. For this reason, it is worth considering the removal of the My1tab extension so that you can browse the Internet without undue interference of third parties.

Moreover, the fact that the search engine retrieves Yahoo! search results should be taken into consideration. It does not provide you with genuine search results of its own. Instead, it can provide you with slightly modified results containing links to malicious websites. If you do not want to risk accessing infectious websites where your privacy and security might be exposed to danger. By removing the My1tab extension, you will reduce the risk of getting the PC affected, so you should take action right now.

How to remove the My1tab extension?

Due to the fact that My1tab is not a computer threat, its removal is not as difficult as it would be in case of a complex and damaging computer infections. All that you have to do is delete the unwanted extension, which you can achieve with the help of our removal guide given below. If you do not know how the extension got installed, we encourage you to scan the whole system using our recommended security tool. It is worth checking whether your operating system and data are not affected by third-party programs so that you can get in the way of destructive operations of malware programs. In case you have any questions, our team at is ready to answer to your inquiries left in the comment box below.

Remove My1tab extension

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click the three horizontal dots icon.
  3. Move the cursor to More tools and click Extensions.
  4. Select My1tab and click the remove button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of My1tab Extension*

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