'My Trojan Captured All Your Private Information Email' Scam

Do you ever wonder what to do with email scams that reach you? The easiest answer is to delete them from your inbox at once. However, sometimes users fall for these scams, and so we feel obliged to talk about the scam that could cause some trouble.

This time, we would like you to pay attention to the 'My Trojan Captured All Your Private Information Email' Scam. It is an old email spam campaign, and there is no trick behind its removal. You simply need to ignore its contents and delete the message without even checking it.

Where does 'My Trojan Captured All Your Private Information Email' Scam come from?

Our research team says that this email scam is very similar to another spam campaign that was going around a while ago. That spam campaign was called “Hacker who cracked your email and device Scam.” There was also another similar campaign called “I’m a programmer who cracked your email account’ Scam.”

Now, you might be wondering, where these long names are coming from. The answer is probably simple: the email subject line. Spam emails often come with long subjects, which are supposed to catch user’s attention. Likewise, 'My Trojan Captured All Your Private Information Email' Scam takes its name from the subject line, too.

It is not exactly possible to say why you receive this spam email. It is very often that emails are leaked to hackers during various data thefts. We use our emails to sign up to various services and accounts, right? So, if that service is hacked, if the private information gets leaked, off goes your email, too. While there isn’t much that can be done with that if you change your email password regularly, your email could still be used in spam campaigns, and you could be flooded with such emails like the 'My Trojan Captured All Your Private Information Email' Scam.

What does 'My Trojan Captured All Your Private Information Email' Scam do?

Rather than asking what this spam campaign does, we should probably ask what it TRIES to do. The truth is that this scheme falls under the sextortion scam category. It means that whatever 'My Trojan Captured All Your Private Information Email' Scam tries to convince you about; it has something to do with adult content. Now, if you take a look at the message that this scam distributes, the idea becomes clear:

Hello, my prey.

I write you since I put a virus on the web site with porn which you have viewed.
My trojan captured all your private information and switched on your web cam which captured the process of your masturbation.
I will erase the compromising video records and information if you pay me 600 EURO in bitcoin.
I give you 30 hours after you open my report for making the transaction.

Please note that the contents of the spam email might differ. There are several versions of the same message going around. Either way, it is clear that the criminals behind this scam rely on the assumption that their targets indulge in porn viewing. While there is nothing wrong with porn as long as you acquire it through legal channels, some users might feel threatened if they see such emails in their inbox. As a result, they would feel the urge to pay 600 EURO as soon as possible.

However, you have to remember that such email scams cannot back up their claims. In other words, no personal information was stolen, and these criminals only WANT you to believe that it happened. Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything.

How do I remove 'My Trojan Captured All Your Private Information Email' Scam?

As mentioned, to remove this scam, you just need to delete the email. While you are at it, please delete all the spam emails from your inbox for a good measure. You should also scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner because there might be potentially unwanted programs installed on your system. While potentially unwanted programs are not direct system security threats, it would be for the best to remove them for good. At the same time, by investing in a licensed antispyware tool, you would safeguard your system against various threats in the future. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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