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What is My Search Manager?

My Search Manager is a potentially unwanted program that can also be considered a browser extension. This program works only on the Chrome browser, so if you use another browser, you should be able to avoid dealing with this intruder. However, if this extension was added to your browser accidentally, perhaps you might want to consider removing My Search Manager. We are not trying to say that this extension is an extremely dangerous security threat, but it is always a good idea to get rid of applications you did not want to have on your PC. After all, system safety should be one of your top priorities.

Where does My Search Manager come from?

When we deal with potentially unwanted programs, we have to understand that they do not need to employ extremely stealthy methods to reach target systems. What’s more, they are often available out in the open, and it is possible to download them from their official sources. The same applies to My Search Manager as well.

The official homepage for this extension can be accessed via There is not much information about the extension on the main homepage. It just says that it should improve your web search experience. You can add My Search Manager to your browser at once through the official homepage. The extension can also be found at the Chrome Web Store. So you can see that there is nothing malicious about the application, especially when it is available out in the open like this.

However, how come this extension ends up on your browser if you do not remember visiting its websites? The answer is simple: potentially unwanted programs have more than one method of distribution. The official channels aside, there could be many side roads that My Search Manager could take to reach you.

According to our research, this extension can come bundled, via pop-ups or as a redirect. By “bundled” we mean multiple applications that are distributed in one third-party installer. Users often download such software packages from file-sharing websites without even realizing it. Therefore, when you are about to install freeware, you have to check each step carefully because there might be more in store for you than you have signed up for.

As far as pop-ups and redirects are concerned, My Search Manager might also be added to your browser, and you open a specific website, and that website supports third-party advertising. For instance, there are a lot of pages out there that automatically opens a pop-up once you land on them or once you click something on them. Hence, you need to be careful whenever you browse the web.

What does My Search Manager do?

This extension does not do much. As mentioned, the official homepage does not offer a lot of information on what the program does. It says that “with this extension you can easily switch between search engines from your NewTab page.” So, supposedly, the extension should improve your overall web search experience.

However, when this extension is added to your browser accidentally, you may think that you have been infected by a browser hijacker because My Search Manager performs obvious browser settings modifications. The application will change your new tab and homepage settings, and it will choose a new search engine. If you keep this extension on your browser, it will redirect your searches via, and then you will eventually land on the Yahoo! Search page.

Instead of displaying reliable search results, My Search Manager will show you modified search results based on your likes and preferences. Therefore, it is clear that this extension is intrusive and potentially risky, so the best way to deal with it is to remove it right away.

How do I remove My Search Manager?

Our research team says that you can simply remove My Search Manager from the list of your extensions via the Chrome settings menu. On the other hand, it would probably be better to reset your browser’s settings to default because there might have been more modifications besides this one.

If you are not sure whether you have more unwanted applications installed, you can scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. A full system scan will help you determine all the potential threats, and you will be able to remove them at once.

Manual My Search Manager Removal

  1. Open your Chrome browser and press Alt+F.
  2. Click Settings and scroll down.
  3. Click Advanced and scroll down again.
  4. Click Reset settings and click Reset to confirm. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of My Search Manager*
My Search Manager

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