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What is MoviesNow Search?

If you have noticed that all your searches go through, MoviesNow Search must have affected your browser. This piece of software is a Google Chrome browser extension that promises to give users movie results they are looking for. It can be directly downloaded from its homepage ( or the Chrome Web Store (, but judging from the total number (98 837) of users who have installed it from the official Chrome store, it is not extremely popular yet. If you have already discovered MoviesNow Search active on your computer, our recommendation for you would be to remove this suspicious extension. If you are still considering whether or not you should install it, we highly recommend that you install another add-on with similar features instead because MoviesNow Search is considered a potentially unwanted program. These programs are far from real malware, but our specialists still do not recommend keeping them active because they might perform various undesirable activities. You will find more about MoviesNow Search if you continue reading.testtesttest

What does MoviesNow Search do?

MoviesNow Search is almost identical to MoviesFriendly Search and nJoyMovies Now, which are both potentially unwanted programs, so our researchers immediately understood that MoviesNow Search is a potentially unwanted application as well. Even though MoviesNow Search is not a real application (as has been mentioned, it is a browser extension), it still applies changes once it is installed on users’ computers. To be more specific, it changes Google Chrome settings right away. Users find a new search tool set on their browsers as a default search engine. Because of this, their searches are redirected through this domain before Yahoo! search results are displayed to them. It should be noted that search queries go through it only when users perform web searches via the URL bar, i.e., when they enter the search query in the address bar of their web browsers and press Enter. Since all users’ searches are redirected through the domain set by MoviesNow Search first, users might see some modified search results, specialists at say. They are not malicious, but you should not click on them because they might take you to untrustworthy websites. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to say which of the returned search results are those modified ones, so the chances are high that you will sooner or later click on them if you do not disable MoviesNow Search and keep performing web searches via the URL bar.

You must already know that MoviesNow Search might provide you with the so-called modified search results, but what you, most probably, still do not know is that this piece of software automatically collects information about users. Luckily, these are not details that can identify users personally. It automatically records only non-personally identifiable information, e.g. demographic and technical information; however, it might disclose all these details to third parties, so you should still not let it perform this activity. You will end this only by disabling MoviesNow Search.

Where does MoviesNow Search come from?

It must be one of two reasons why MoviesNow Search has affected your Google Chrome browser. First, you could have downloaded it yourself from the Chrome Web Store or its homepage. Second, it could have been installed on your computer without your permission. According to our researchers, potentially unwanted programs might travel in software bundles next to third-party applications. Also, users might see click-to-install pop-ups promoting them too. One click on such an advertisement and the potentially unwanted program successfully enters the system. Security software enabled on your computer would prevent suspicious software from slithering onto your computer, so if your system is still unprotected, you should acquire a reputable antimalware tool today.

How to remove MoviesNow Search

Luckily, MoviesNow Search is just a potentially unwanted program that can be erased easily, but if you keep your computer unprotected, you might encounter extremely harmful threats whose removal will be a great challenge. As for MoviesNow Search, you can delete it manually or automatically. If you want it to delete it yourself, you should follow our step-by-step manual removal guide. Alternatively, go to download a powerful antimalware scanner from the web and then launch it to get all untrustworthy applications deleted.

MoviesNow Search removal guide

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\[UNIQUE FOLDER]\Extensions\.
  3. Delete the jdlfcojphpllalfihhgimnnpbeddbpoc folder.
  4. Restart your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of MoviesNow Search*

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