MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar

What is MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar?

MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar promises to provide users with a better web experience, but you should still think twice before installing it on your computer because it is not a fully trustworthy application even though it claims to be one. We do not say that it is a malicious program. We cannot even say that it is completely useless; however, we surely cannot confirm that it can be trusted fully because specialists working at have already categorized it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). These are not harmful threats, but we cannot tell you that they never act undesirably, so we do not recommend keeping MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar installed. It is compatible with Google Chrome only, and it is just an ordinary browser extension, so its removal should be quick and easy. Further in this article, we will tell you more about MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar and its drawbacks, and then we will provide more information about its removal.test

What does MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar do?

We are sure you want to know why MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar is called a potentially unwanted program. The first reason is very obvious – it alters Google Chrome settings upon the successful entrance. If you do not undo the changes applied, i.e., do not remove MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar but continue performing web searches normally, you might encounter the so-called modified search results. These search results differ from ordinary ones in a sense that they just drive traffic to third-party pages. They might even promote untrustworthy pages, so you should be very cautious when you search the web. Many users, especially those who know nothing about the MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar entrance, find these changes applied to their browsers undesirable and thus decide to get rid of the potentially unwanted program; however, it should be emphasized that it is not the only reason it cannot be called fully reliable. Specialists have also observed that it might be installed on users’ web browsers without permission, which is definitely not a feature of a trustworthy application.

Potentially unwanted programs often collect information about users, so we have carefully analyzed its Privacy Policy document to find more about its capabilities. It has turned out that it records personally-identifiable information (e.g., name, email address, country of origin, etc.) only if the user provides it willingly. In most cases, they provide these details when they call the support. Although MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar does not record any personally-identifiable details about users, we cannot promise that third parties whose links you will be provided with will not try to obtain any personal information, so be very cautious. Users can find the recommendation to “read carefully the terms of use of those sites” in the Privacy Policy of MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar too.

Where does MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar come from?

There are only two possible reasons why you have MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar installed on your computer. First, you have installed it willingly from the Chrome Web Store, or you have initiated its installation without even knowing that. Researchers say that this potentially unwanted program might travel in software bundles next to third-party applications. Additionally, it might be possible to install it from pop-ups promoting it. Either way, if you feel that it has been installed on your computer without your knowledge, delete this extension without further consideration. It is the only way to remove the search tool set by MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar from the place of the default search engine too. We want to warn you that this piece of software is surely not the only potentially unwanted program, so you should install a security application on your computer so that similar applications would not appear on your system without your permission ever again.

How to remove MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar

You will not find the MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar uninstaller in Control Panel, but you should still not find its removal a complicated task because it is an ordinary Google Chrome extension. If it is the first time you are going to delete the browser extension, use our instructions. If they do not help much in your case, scan your computer with a powerful antimalware tool of your choice.

Delete MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Select MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar and click the remove button (recycle bin icon).
  6. Click Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of MoviesFriendly Search Toolbar*

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