Movies Tab Plus

What is Movies Tab Plus?

Movies Tab Plus is introduced to Google Chrome users as a tool that can help them learn about new movies and get more information about them. Although it works to some extent, there are things that make this seemingly beneficial extension an unreliable piece of junk. malware experts indicate that the add-on is not a critically malicious infection that could cause damage no matter what you do. Nonetheless, it is a potentially unwanted program that has many privileges and that allows unknown parties to spy on users. Needless to say, it is our strong recommendation that you delete Movies Tab Plus from your Google Chrome browser. Unfortunately, you might have to eliminate cookies and, possibly, remove other undesirable and unreliable programs to get your operating system completely clean. If you are confused, and you want to learn more about the entire situation, we advise continue reading this report.testtest

How does Movies Tab Plus work?

Unreliable, unpopular programs are usually spread in clandestine ways to trick users into letting them in. In many cases, software distributors use software bundles to promote several different programs at the same time. Without a doubt, malicious bundles are represented via unreliable sources. The installer of Movies Tab Plus could also be introduced to users via pop-ups and advertisements. Overall, it is unlikely that you would acquire this extension from and the Chrome web store, where the installer is offered. If you end up installing the PUP from the official source, you have better chances of understanding how it truly works. For example, the Privacy Policy represented via the Chrome web store informs all users that the extension uses tracking tools to collect information. Not only that, it also allows third parties to track information as well, and that, of course, is an important reason to remove Movies Tab Plus because you do not know if these third parties have positive or malicious intentions.

The official download page,, is the same page that you will see set as your New Tab page if you end up installing the extension. Instead of the download link, the page will simply introduce you to the search field. Can you trust this search tool? The same unpredictable third parties that can spy on you can also showcase advertisements, and, of course, there is no telling whether or not these ads can be trusted. Aside from that, Movies Tab Plus does offer news stories and movie trailers, which is why some users are likely to continue trusting this potentially unwanted program. That being said, it is important to weight all pros and cons before deciding whether the service or the program can be trusted. If you like access to movie-related news, but you understand how risky it might be to have unknown parties spying on you and exposing you to unpredictable content, it is most likely that you will choose to remove Movies Tab Plus from your operating system.

How to delete Movies Tab Plus

You probably know how to delete Chrome extensions, and if you do, you should be able to remove Movies Tab Plus yourself successfully. That is not all that you need to do. We also recommend erasing cookies and clearing browsing data to ensure that no one is spying on you. Next, you must scan your operating system because you want to know if other threats exist. Hopefully, they do not, but if they do, you need to research and delete them quickly. You must research them because you want to know what kinds of security issues you might be dealing with. When it comes to elimination, you need to be cautious. Some threats are very hard to erase manually, even if you are experienced, which is why we recommend using anti-malware software instead. It will automatically eliminate all threats, and, more importantly, it will help you keep your operating system clean and malware-free in the future.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  3. Find the unwanted add-on, click the recycle button, and select Remove.
  4. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  5. Select the time range and mark the boxes representing the data you want to clear.
  6. Click CLEAR BROWSING DATA. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Movies Tab Plus*


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