What is Movie-Hub?

Movie-Hub may sound like a fun and handy tool, but soon after downloading it, you might realize it is not exactly what you have expected. In such case, it would be advisable not to waste any time with this extension and erase it from either with the removal steps available below or a legitimate antimalware tool you trust. Apparently, the plugin is thought to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It does not mean the application is harmful, however; it warns the user it could introduce him to possibly malicious content. For more information about Movie-Hub and the ways it may affect your browsing users should read the rest of our report. Also, provided you have more questions about the PUP or need more assistance with its deletion, you can contact us via social media or leave a comment below the article.testtesttest

Where does Movie-Hub come from?

Our specialists report the PUP is distributed through its official web page ( and the Chrome Web Store page. Of course, there might be a third distribution method too. For example, the extension could travel with bundled software installers, doubtful pop-up ads, and so on. The applications Movie-Hub could be bundled with might be untrustworthy too, and such bundles might be distributed via torrent web pages and other P2P file-sharing networks. Naturally, to protect the computer from such unreliable software or even malicious threats, it would be advisable to exchange file-sharing web pages with legitimate websites of reputable distributors. Additionally, we could suggest using a reliable antimalware tool to help you identify threats and guard the system from them.

How does Movie-Hub work?

For now, the PUP is compatible just with Google Chrome, so users of other browsers should not encounter it. Soon after it is installed, Movie-Hub should create an icon on the top-right corner of your browser. If the user clicks it and taps on the application’s title, he might be redirected to a website named In fact, you could be redirected to it every time you enter a search query. is the plugin’s search engine. Our researchers advise being cautious with it because there is a chance it could inject displayed results with ads from the software’s third-party associates. Some of them might be targeted as the extension may gather information related to your browsing to make the ads look more tempting. Unfortunately, the PUP’s End User License Agreement document claims its creators do not take any responsibility for their created tool, so we doubt they take any responsibility for the advertising content which could be displayed. If the ads are not reviewed, no one can reassure their safety. It means it is entirely possible some part of them might be malicious, for example, it could advertise malware, scam web pages, and so on.

How to eliminate Movie-Hub?

The good news is Movie-Hub can be eliminated rather quickly as all you have to do is access particular settings on your browser and remove it from the extensions list. No need to worry if you do not know how to complete this task as the steps available below the paragraph will guide you through it. There is another way to deal with the PUP that might appear to be easier. In this case, you would need a legitimate antimalware tool. After its installation, it would be advisable to perform a full system scan. Then wait for the scanning results to show up and review them. To erase all detections at once you only need to click the deletion button.

Get rid of Movie-Hub

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click ALT+F at the same time.
  3. Access Settings and select More tools.
  4. Pick Extensions and find the PUP.
  5. Press the trash bin button available next to it.
  6. Select Remove and restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Movie-Hub*

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