What is Mountains?

If you have Mountains installed on your Google Chrome browser, we strongly recommend that you find a way to remove it. This extension might seem harmless, but it is completely unpredictable, and malware researchers warn that it could, potentially, be dangerous to trust. Given that the extension does not offer useful services, we are sure that most users will have no trouble realizing that they ought to delete Mountains. Of course, if you think that you need more information about this extension, or if you think that it is somehow useful to you, we advise that you continue reading. Once you are done, you can decide for yourself whether this threat should be eliminated or kept around. Before you proceed reading, we advise taking a few moments to scan your operating system because you do not want to overlook other threats that might have slithered in along with the suspicious extension. If threats are found, you have to make sure that all of them are eliminated.testtest

How does Mountains work?

We do not know how you installed Mountains onto your Google Chrome browser. Most likely, you used the installer at But how did you find this installer? Were you redirected to it via or another redirector? They can present bogus warnings and alerts to make you think that the extension can help you fix alleged memory overload problems. Did you click an advertisement or a pop-up that redirected you to the installer page? If that is what happened, it is possible that you have been forced to install this extension or tricked into doing so. Perhaps you used a bundled downloader that offered the extension along with something more desirable? If that is the case, a legitimate malware scanner will help you find out if the additionally downloaded programs or extensions are reliable or require removal. It is also possible that Google Chrome users could download the extension because they genuinely think that it is helpful. Our team has not found a single feature that would make it useful; however, to some users, a personalized New Tab page background could be enough.

Although the main selling point of Mountains is the “HD Wallpapers” that should show up as backgrounds on New Tab pages, there is nothing else that it offers. The search tool ( it introduces – which it does via the New Tab and also the default search provider – is not useful at all. It redirects to Google Search, and you can easily set as your default search provider if you want to. You do not need any additional extensions for that. That being said, since the results are not modified, that is not the biggest issue. What is disconcerting is that we are not provided with any information about this extension. Neither the extension’s installer page on the Chrome Web Store, nor its interface represented via the New Tab page offer links to any information from its creators. Normally, you would see links to Privacy Policy, EULA, Contacts, Terms of Use, etc. If such information is not accessible, the tool and the associated services are not transparent and, therefore, not trustworthy. This is why we strongly recommend that you remove Mountains from your browser as soon as possible.

How to delete Mountains

You should have no trouble removing Mountains from your Google Chrome browser yourself. Of course, if there are other threats, and if you have no system set in place to protect your operating system against malware, you should employ anti-malware software without hesitation. This software should identify the suspicious extension as a PUP/PUA (potentially unwanted program/application). If you want to delete Mountains manually, you can follow the guide you can see below. It also shows how to clear browsing data, which you should do to get rid of cookies and clear cache. At the end of the day, we do not know how this PUP works and whether or not it can track information about you. Therefore, you want to cover all bases, and clearing browsing data is important. Once you have the unwanted extension deleted and your system secured, look inward to see what personal changes you can make to ensure full security. For example, you might want to become more careful when installing new extensions.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap keys ALT and F to open the Chrome menu.
  3. Click More tools to access more tools.
  4. Click Extensions and then Remove the PUP.
  5. Repeat steps 2-3 and then click Clear browsing data.
  6. At the top, click Advanced.
  7. Choose the time range and boxes you want.
  8. Click Clear data and then restart your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Mountains*


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