MonitorMinor Infringes on the Security of Android Users

What is MonitorMinor Infringes on the Security of Android Users?

Not too long ago, MonitorMinor could be downloaded from At the moment, when you visit the website, it claims to be under construction. Quite possibly, the developer of the tool has paid attention to the findings of cybersecurity researchers, who have discovered that this particular tool can be used to spy on Android users in a particularly aggressive manner. Originally, this app is promoted as a security tool that can help parents control the content that their children can access and interact with. Of course, users do not need to provide proof that they are parents or that they would use MonitorMinor to spy on their children. Unfortunately, virtually anyone could use this tool. That includes suspicious employers, jealous lovers and exes, crazy roommates, mischievous siblings, and so on. In the worst-case scenario, this app could be exploited by criminals, who have no regard for victims’ personal security and privacy.

Where does MonitorMinor come from?

There are several different ways, in which MonitorMinor could be planted onto a device. Obviously, if it is used by someone in the target’s close circles, they might do that by swiping a phone and installing the app without permission. Employers might forcefully push the tool onto their employees, and they might be informed about it. But what if it is planted by a local repairman or a device reseller for malicious purposes? Unfortunately, that could be the case, which is why Android users need to be very careful about how they protect their devices against unwanted access, who they trust their devices with, and whose services they employ. Ultimately, once the phone is out of hands and sight, any app could be planted. In reality, there are tons of monitoring and spyware tools online. Some of them are free, and others have to be paid for. That does not mean that MonitorMinor is just like many other apps. In fact, it is much more aggressive.

According to malware researchers, MonitorMinor acts like a superuser (SU) application that has root access to the system. This allows it to access a great deal of information. It was discovered that the app specifically goes after thirteen different apps; however, it is notable that access to different apps could be extended in the future. These apps are BOTIM, Facebook, Gmail, Hangouts, Hike News & Content, Instagram, JusTalk, Kik, LINE: Free Calls & Messages, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, and Zalo – Video Call. Although it appears that the suspicious spyware is mostly interested in intercepting instant messengers and social networking apps, it can do more than just read messages. It also can view contacts, system logs, internal storage contents, app stats, and browsing history of the Chrome app. It can hijack the microphone to record sound and the camera to record video. Also, it can employ SMS commands to control the device. Perhaps most shockingly, MonitorMinor can extract the “/data/system/gesture.key” file, which makes it possible to unlock the device. This is the most aggressive part about the entire app.

How to protect devices against MonitorMinor

If you are trying to protect your smartphone against MonitorMinor, it is most likely that you are mindful about how to handle it. Do you leave it unlocked? Does anyone else (e.g., family members or friends) know the passcode? Do you use questionable repair service operators to cut down repair costs? According to the statistics, you are most likely to face MonitorMinor if you live in India, Mexico, Germany, Saudi Arabia, or the United Kingdom. As you can see, the app has spread across the world, and so it does not look like anyone is safe. Uncovering silently installed tracking apps can be difficult because they are supposed to run silently, without alerting the user. Nonetheless, if a stalkerware app is installed, it might be draining your phone’s battery more quickly, your phone might light up even when you are not using it, other installed apps might lag, suspicious apps might appear, or you might find your phone unlocked randomly. If you want to be completely safe, you might need to reset your Android divide to factory settings. If you want to do that, make sure that all important content (contacts, photos, etc.) is backed up first.


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