Mommys Offers Ads

What is Mommys Offers Ads?

When your system is infected with Mommys Offers Ads, it is quite apparent since whenever you are viewing online shopping-related websites, annoying third-party advertisements pop up labeled like “Ads by Mommys Offers,” “Ads powered by Mommys Offers,“ or some other variations. Since it is unlikely that you have knowingly installed this browser extension that only works in Google Chrome as of yet, it is possible that you have installed a free program lately that you downloaded from a questionable freeware page. If this could be true, you should know that there may be other malware infections on your system. Our malware specialists have categorized this threat as an adware application. It is essential that you understand that these ads displayed by this questionable tool are not only distracting but also can put your virtual security at risk, should you engage with them. Therefore, we advise you to make up your mind as soon as possible and remove Mommys Offers Ads from your system.test

Where does Mommys Offers Ads come from?

Our specialists say that this new infection comes from the same authors who are also responsible for Finders Deals and Torpedo Deals. Although it is not or not anymore available for download officially, we still need to mention the main promotional webpage, This is a rather simple page with minimal information about this browser extension. You can find a download button as well as a link but none of them function actually. We would consider this a suspicious sign because it just does not make any sense for a software developer not to make their product available for download when they even have buttons for it. If this is not enough for you to doubt the reliability of this tool and to want to delete it from your browser, let us tell you more.

It seems that this adware program is mainly distributed bundled, which means that it is packed in an installer with other malicious threats on top of a possibly working free program. Many users infect their system with bundles because it is not even that difficult to do so; it is enough for you to be careless with your clicks. The most usual way for you to install such a malicious software package that may also include this adware is to click on a corrupt third-party advertisement, such as a pop-up and banner ad. For example, you could be exposed to fake update notifications that may be able to convince you that you need to urgently install a system or any other software update (e.g., Flash Player) in order to see certain content or to simply protect your computer from alleged malicious attacks.

Such ads could be mainly promoted by shady file-sharing (torrent and shareware) and online gaming websites as well as by adware programs like this one. It should be clear that you need to stay away from questionable sites that may offer you free file for download and you could end up with an unfortunate package instead. But these pages also host a number of potentially harmful third-party ads that can infect you with a bundle. All in all, it must be clear now that if you have this adware in your Google Chrome browser operating, it is likely that your system is under attack by other malware programs, too, possibly including other ad-supported programs, Trojans, fake alerts, keyloggers, browser hijackers as well as potentially unwanted applications. If you delete Mommys Offers Ads only, you will not save the day. In fact, you should run a reliable malware scanner to see how many other applications are threatening your system.

How does Mommys Offers Ads work?

This useless browser extension poses as a useful application that shows best deals and coupons on shopping-related websites. Unfortunately, we have found that these so-called “best offers” may not always be reliable. This means that by clicking on an unreliable one you may be taken to a fake web store where you could be asked to enter your details and banking information. While you may think that you are purchasing a long wanted product, cyber criminals may steal your most precious data. You could easily lose money from your accounts in this way and what is possibly worse, crooks may also commit online crimes using your personal information. The same might happen if you were to use the questionable search engine,, this adware sets as your new tab page. If you would like to prevent such unfortunate events from happening, you should remove Mommys Offers Ads as soon as possible.

How can I delete Mommys Offers Ads?

Since this adware infection only affects your Google Chrome browser, you can easily get rid of it by removing the extension called Mommys Offers. If you have never done this before, you can use our guide below this article. As we have already hinted, this may not be the end of the road to Safety Town. In fact, it is more likely that you will find further malware infections on your computer if you run a deep system scan. Although it is possible to filter out some of the less dangerous threats manually via Control Panel or the extension lists of your browsers, we do not recommend this unless you know what you are doing, i.e., you are a more advanced user. For those, who would prefer an automated solution, we advise to install a trustworthy malware remover, such as SpyHunter.

Remove Mommys Offers Ads from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and select More tools.
  2. Pick Extensions.
  3. On the right of the undesirable extension, click on the trash can icon.
  4. In the confirmation window, click Remove.
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