What is is presented as “the world smartest Mobile Advertising platform.” Specialists say that it is mainly used for monetization purposes, so do not be surprised if it presents you with commercial advertisements one day. It might also be responsible for various redirections. According to researchers, it should target only Android users, but it does not mean that you can click on ads it shows if you are presented with them while surfing the Web on your Windows computer. It is not likely at all that users open this website consciously. Instead, they experience an immediate redirection to it after clicking on an untrustworthy link, or they simply have untrustworthy software that automatically opens it on their devices. Usually, advertising networks are closely related to adware or potentially unwanted software. We do not say that is malicious, but it might still diminish your browsing experience by showing all those ads and causing automatic redirections, so it would be best to get rid of it. Some users will no longer see any ads coming from when they quit an old habit of clicking on suspicious links/visiting dubious websites, whereas others will have to remove untrustworthy software from their devices to make it gone. Which group do you belong to?

What does do?

We do not say that is malicious, but it might still cause you problems, so you should ignore its advertisements completely/close websites it redirects you to right away. The biggest problem with advertising domains is that they might provide users with malicious ads and redirect to unreliable websites. is not the first advertising platform analyzed by researchers at, so they can assure you that these advertising networks might be used to promote unreliable services, various products, and even untrustworthy software. Because of this, it would be best not to click on a single commercial advertisement with the URL in the address bar. If it redirects you to a third-party website automatically, you must leave it immediately as well. There are no guarantees that it will not reappear because it might be loaded again automatically if there is untrustworthy software active on the user’s device.

If it turns out that is opened with advertisements automatically due to active malicious software, it must be removed right away. You must eliminate it not only because it is the only way to eliminate ads and stop redirections. It cannot be kept active because it will collect all kinds of details about you too. Untrustworthy software that focuses on generating adverting revenue is usually not sophisticated malware that can steal sensitive information; however, it might still extract some non-personally identifiable details like websites you visit, search queries you perform, and more information about your Internet browsing habits and interests. All collected details might be later disclosed to third parties, so if we were you, we would not let suspicious software collect information directly from your computer.

Where does come from?

Theoretically, users might open themselves accidentally and then encounter advertisements it shows, but we do not think that there are many users who open it themselves because it is not a popular domain. It is more likely that users get redirected to it when they click on an untrustworthy link while surfing the Internet, or an untrustworthy application has been installed on their devices without their knowledge. In this case, will not bother you anymore only when that untrustworthy program is removed fully.

How to remove

If you cannot get rid of annoying commercial advertisements coming from and/or stop automatic redirections to third-party websites by simply closing the web browser you use, it is very likely that untrustworthy software is installed on your computer. You will see open regularly unless you remove software associated with the advertising domain completely. The easiest way to clean any device is to scan it with a reputable antimalware scanner. Such tools detect and erase untrustworthy software in no time. The only responsibility of the user is to launch the chosen scanner. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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