Mobef-salam Ransomware

What is Mobef-salam Ransomware?

Mobef-salam Ransomware is a malicious file-enciphering program that may lock your private files and leave a ransom note called READ.4YOU. Our researchers at say the malware is a bit different from other ransomware applications we usually encounter since it does not append any second extension at the end of enciphered files’ titles. Therefore, to realize which documents, photos, pictures, and so on are encrypted the user has to try opening them. Obviously, encrypted files are the ones you cannot launch. The only way to restore them is with a particular decryption tool and a unique decryption key, but sadly both of them are available only to the malware’s developers. On the other hand, if you backed your data, you should be able to recover it with no trouble. Just before, transferring backup copies or new files on the infected computer, we would recommend erasing Mobef-salam Ransomware for safety precautions. This you can do while looking at the instructions available below or with a legitimate antimalware tool.

Where does Mobef-salam Ransomware come from?

Our researchers say, Mobef-salam Ransomware could travel with infected email attachments, fictitious installers, or it might even be dropped on the system without the user’s permission through unsecured RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connections. Thus, the ransomware’s appearance could signal the system is vulnerable to malware. For example, to strengthen it the user might install a legitimate antimalware tool. Such a tool would stand guard and warn about potential threats when the user is about to come across them. Another way to keep the computer safe is to make sure you do not interact with possible malicious content or go to harmful web pages. Of course, it is best if you both install a trustworthy removal tool and pay more attention to the reliability of the content you encounter while browsing the Internet daily.

How does Mobef-salam Ransomware work?

The first thing Mobef-salam Ransomware should do after entering the system is determining if there are any files it could encipher on it. Our researchers believe the threat should target private data only and leave files of the computer’s operating system unencrypted. This way the infected computer would still be bootable and the user could open the ransom note. It is a text document placed in a visible location. Usually, it asks the user to contact the cybercriminals who created the malicious application and pay a ransom to get decryption tools.

It is crucial to realize, no matter what promise they give or how reassuring the hackers sound in the note or emails, in reality, there is not knowing what they plan on doing. For example, instead of sending the decryption tools, Mobef-salam Ransomware’s creators might ask the user to send them more money, or they may merely never reply or deliver the decryptor, even though they promise to do so as fast as possible. Because there is a risk to lose one’s money we recommend against paying the ransom or contacting the malware’s developers. If you think it could be a mistake as well, we encourage you to delete it.

How to erase Mobef-salam Ransomware?

Users with more experience could try to get rid of Mobef-salam Ransomware manually. The process is not particularly complicated, but to complete it you may need the instructions we added at the end of this text. If you do not think you can handle this task, you should download a legitimate antimalware tool instead and check the system with it. This way the malicious application and other possible threats would be detected automatically and to remove them you would only need to press the deletion button provided at the end of the scan.

Delete Mobef-salam Ransomware

  1. Click Windows key+E.
  2. Navigate to the following paths:
  3. Locate the malware’s installer; a file responsible for infecting the system.
  4. Right-click the suspicious file and press Delete.
  5. Go to Desktop or other possible locations and remove the ransom notes (e.g., READ.4YOU).
  6. Exit the File Explorer.
  7. Empty Recycle bin.
  8. Restart the device. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Mobef-salam Ransomware*

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