Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013

What is Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013?

Welcome to the cyber criminals’ world if you have just somehow learned that Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 is a treacherous application. This malware is indeed bogus and has been created to trick computer users into believing that their computers are infected. If you by chance find Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 on your computer, do not hesitate to remove it from your system.

This malware employs various techniques to deceive you about the condition of your computer’s system. Simulated scans, imaginary infections and false warnings are the most noticeable characteristics of Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013. They are created to make you think that the system is full of malware, Trojans or worms that you can remove when you register the rogue or acquire is simulated full version. The sad truth is that the full version of Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 cannot remove or perform any other action related to your computer’s security, because the sole aim of the rogue is to make you pay money. Once you make a payment, you lose your money, and the data such as credit card number, passwords or any other identifiable data are recorded and sent to the attackers. Therefore, keep your money and sensitive information away from criminals, and remove this infection.

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If you want to be advised on the removal of Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013, we recommend you delete this rogue by using a reliable removal tool which removes all sorts of malware and does not allow other infections to enter the system. If you try to delete the rogue on your own by deleting its components one by one, you may choose wrong files or miss something related to the infection. Thus, automatic removal is the best solution for to the problem.

Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 operates like any other rogue anti-spyware tool; therefore, the computer user is provided with bogus warnings and explanations what actions should be taken. One of the deceptive notifications is presented below:

License key
This version of Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 is for trial purpose only. Threats’ removal and real time protection features are disabled. Using trial version you can only perform scanning for viruses and malware and spyware on your PC.
To be able to remove threats and turn real time protection on, you need to activate Micorsoft Essential Security Pro 2013. To do so, click “Get Licence” button below.

The bogus security application will also list infections that are not present in the system. The alert level may be presented as critical in order to scare the user into believing that the system is severely infected. For example, Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 may present Trojan-Dropper:OSX/Revir.B, Backdoor:W32/Zxshell.A, Backdoor:OSX/Imuler.A and other threats. We advise you against trying to remove these threats, because they do not exist in the system, and it is enough to delete Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 from the system to get rid of those fake viruses.

In order to remove Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013, you should use SpyHunter, which will delete all the components of the infection. Once you download the software, you have to change file extension; otherwise, the infection will block SpyHunter.

Our team recommends following these instructions:

1.    Open Internet Explorer.
2.    Go to and download SpyHunter.
3.    If you do not see file name extensions, open any folder.
4.    Click on Tools.
5.    Select Folder Options.
6.    Click on the View tab.
7.    Uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types box and press OK.
8.    Change spyhunter-installer.exe extension to “”.
9.    Install the tool and run a scan to remove Micorsoft Essential Pro 2013.

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