Micro Foundation 7

What is Micro Foundation 7?

Micro Foundation 7 is not a new malicious application. It is the name of the folder Trojan.Bitcoinminer drops its executable (.exe) file to on compromised machines. Needless to say, users usually do not know that this harsh infection is active on their computers because it enters systems illegally and does not have an interface like some other less harmful threats. Victims usually find out about its presence on their computers when they discover a suspicious folder Micro Foundation 7 with an unknown .exe file. Also, some of them start seeing warnings coming from their security software. The third group of victims notice that their PCs have become considerably slower. No matter how you have found out about the presence of the Trojan infection on your computer, you must disable it as soon as possible because its presence on your computer can only bring trouble. Even new malicious applications might manage to enter your computer easier with the help of active malware on the system. Trojan infections are not one of those mild threats, so do not expect that it will be a piece of cake to remove Trojan.Bitcoinminer too. Although it does not have an uninstaller, we promise that it will be easier to get rid of it by following our step-by-step removal guide. It is located below this article, so read it till the end and then act.

What does Micro Foundation 7 do?

Micro Foundation 7 itself is a folder where crucial components of Trojan.Bitcoinminer are stored. Without them, this threat could not work properly. You might wonder what the main goal of this infection is, and we have the answer to this question. Cyber criminals have developed it to mine digital currency, e.g., Bitcoin using victims’ PCs resources. Specifically speaking, it uses CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics processing unit) to perform this activity more effectively. Of course, it does that without the users’ knowledge and permission. Because of this, users do not know anything about the presence of the Trojan infection on their systems. They can only notice a new folder Micro Foundation 7 created in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%. Additionally, the owners of older machines might notice that their PCs have started working slower out of the blue. Once you disable Trojan.Bitcoinminer, everything will get back to normal, so we highly recommend taking action to get rid of it today. You cannot leave active malware on your PC, especially when it can launch automatically together with the Windows OS.

Where does Micro Foundation 7 come from?

You will discover a new folder Micro Foundation 7 created on your PC if a new infection, Trojan.Bitcoinminer, ever slithers onto your computer, as you already know. If you have already detected this folder, there is no doubt that this Trojan is active on your PC even if you do not know anything about its entrance. Such serious malicious applications as Trojan.Bitcoinminer enter computers without permission. They often travel bundled in malicious software bundles together with other harmless programs, e.g. freeware. Since users tend to install new software on their PCs by clicking Next and quickly skipping all installation steps, they do not even notice the entrance of malicious software, and we, actually, do not blame them. It might be extremely hard to prevent certain malware from entering the system, and the chances are high that your PC will get infected with new Trojans again if you do not ensure the system’s protection soon, so our security specialists recommend acquiring and installing a powerful security application on the system as soon as possible. As long as it is active, no malware could enter your system again.

How to delete Micro Foundation 7

The Micro Foundation 7 folder belonging to Trojan.Bitcoinminer can be removed quite easily – you just need to select it and press Delete; however, it does not mean that it is enough to do this to disable this infection. Do not worry; our manual removal instructions will help you erase this threat fully quite easily, but you should know that it is not the only removal method you can adopt. If you are one of the inexperienced users, you should go to delete the Trojan infection from your computer automatically. In such a case, you will need to acquire the malware remover first. Then, your job will be to launch it.

Delete Trojan.Bitcoinminer manually

  1. Open Explorer (tap Win+E).
  2. Type %APPDATA% in the URL bar and press Enter.
  3. Locate and remove malicious random-named files (keep in mind that these malicious files might have names of legitimate system files, e.g. svchost.exe).
  4. Delete the Micro Foundation 7 folder from %ALLUSERSPROFILE% and %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data.
  5. Empty Recycle bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Micro Foundation 7*

Stop these Micro Foundation 7 Processes:


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