Memory Fixer

What is Memory Fixer?

It would seem the developers behind Memory Fixer, a rogue antispyware application have no qualms about sinking to new depths of depravity in their campaign to fleece consumers out of their money. Many unsuspecting and naive and inexperienced PC owners still fall for Memory Fixer’s deceptively genuine looking user interfaces and clever online marketing campaigns. Do not make the mistake of trusting these criminals; rather delete Memory Fixer from your system before it’s too late.

Users who did not get rid of Memory Fixer in time reported on various symptoms from this infection, which included the random generating and deleting of Desktop files, blocked Internet connections and dramatically slowed PC performance. Increased system malfunction and instability was also commonly found on PCs sharing an Memory Fixer infection. Memory Fixer has the ability to cause permanent and irreversible damage to any system if left untreated. Users are well advised to get rid of Memory Fixer immediately, without delay.

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