Memory Game Plugin

What is Memory Game Plugin?

Memory Game Plugin is a suspicious extension that falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs or PUPs. According to our researchers at, the application provides a game supposed to help users train their memory, but besides this game, we noticed the tool could also introduce users to an untrustworthy search engine. Moreover, the research shows it is possible Memory Game Plugin might track the user online, gather information about his browsing habits, and then display him suspicious advertisements from various third parties. Therefore, if you do not want to take any chances, it is advisable to get rid of the PUP before anything goes wrong. Users who prefer learning more about the application before erasing it could keep reading our article. However, if you have already made up your mind, we encourage you to follow the deletion instructions located a bit below.testtesttest

Where does Memory Game Plugin come from?

At the moment of writing, it looks like Memory Game Plugin can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store page, although we doubt it is its only distribution channel. The PUP could be spread through bundled installers available on various torrent and other unreliable file-sharing web pages. Also, our researchers say the application might come as a redirect, or it could be encountered while clicking suspicious advertising content, e.g., pop-ups, banners, etc. One of the ways to stay away from PUP and other untrustworthy software alike is to stop visiting the mentioned web pages and keep away from questionable advertisements. Another thing we would advise is doing more researching before deciding what to install. Besides, the system would be less vulnerable to various threats if it would be protected with a legitimate antimalware tool, so if you do not have it yet, it would be smart to at least consider acquiring one.

How does Memory Game Plugin work?

It looks like the main Memory Game Plugin’s feature is a game that should help users train their memory. In addition, it is possible the PUP could change user’s default search engine with an unreliable tool. Our researchers who tested the application claim they noticed the extension might gather various information while the user is browsing the Internet too. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what information exactly it could collect or how it might be used. Apparently, the software does not have any Privacy Policy or End User License Agreement documents.

Based on our experience with similar applications, we think such data could be used to create targeted advertising. The ads might be displayed by various third parties, and the PUP’s creators may generate advertising revenue from each user’s click. If you come across such content, keep it in mind that there are no guarantees it cannot come from malicious sources. To be more precise, there is a possibility some of the ads displayed by Memory Game Plugin could be potentially malicious. Thus, if you do not want to take any chances, we would recommend not only staying away from any suspicious ads you might see while the PUP remains on the PC, but also eventually erasing it before anything bad happens.

How to remove Memory Game Plugin?

Luckily, the PUP can be erased rather quickly and without putting too much effort. For example, users who prefer removing unreliable software manually could follow the instructions located below and get rid of Memory Game Plugin through the Google Chrome’s Extension menu. Those who prefer automatic features could download a legitimate antimalware tool instead and scan the system to detect the PUP and then eliminate it by pressing the given deletion button.

Eliminate Memory Game Plugin

  1. Tap ALT+F.
  2. Click More tools and select Extensions.
  3. Locate Memory Game.
  4. Click the Remove button next to Details.
  5. Pick Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Memory Game Plugin*

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