What is MediaStart?

Have you downloaded the MediaStart extension onto your Google Chrome web browser? If you have, we need to ask you if you are 100% sure that this extension can be trusted. Considering that you have found this article, you must have doubts. Our research team at classifies the add-on as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), and that is because it can change the browser’s settings, as well as collect and share information about users. If you are curious to learn what we mean by that, you should continue reading the report. Ultimately, we do recommend removing MediaStart, and if you have decided that that is what you want to do as well, you can read to learn more about the options you have. The guide that shows how to delete the extension from the browser manually can be found below. Hopefully, things clear up, and you know what you need to do, but if you continue having questions after you are done reading, do not forget to add them to the comments area.test

How does MediaStart work?

MediaStart is introduced by GetMedia, the creator of MusicBrowsing. At, it offers such tools as Movie Home, Music Central, Play Hub, Live Sport, Safe Search, and Private Search. The services are not very beneficial. For example, if you use the Movie Home feature at, you are provided with trailers and access to subscription services that offer the movies you are interested in for a certain fee. The extension cannot be downloaded from the official website, but it can be found on the Chrome web store (, and the data shows that there are currently more than 700 thousand users. Without a doubt, it is relatively popular. If you choose to add the extension to the browser, you are informed that data on the websites you visit can be changed by it, and the new tab page can be replaced. However, according to our research, the PUP might, in some cases, also change the default search provider to Yahoo Search. Due to this, some users delete MediaStart as a browser hijacker. We do not identify it as one right now, but it is quite strange that it needs to modify your browser at all.

Once installed, MediaStart presents a list of services and a search engine via the new tab. The search field redirects all queries to, and the buttons below promote, Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and eBay. These websites are legitimate, and there is no risk in clicking them. On the other hand, your virtual security might be at risk regardless of what you do. As stated in the Privacy Policy (, the company allows third parties to deliver advertisements and personalized content, which means that information that allows personalizing content is shared with these parties as well. These parties, according to the statement, include ad servers, ad agencies, technology vendors, sponsored content providers, and research firms. The statement also informs that personally information can be shared with affiliates, parent companies, and subsidiaries, as well as vendors and service providers. This suggests that the advertising partners might have access to personally identifiable information too. This is one of the biggest reasons Google Chrome users choose to delete MediaStart from their browsers. After all, if you do not remove it, it could be used to spy on you.

How to remove MediaStart

You might have downloaded MediaStart along with third-party programs using a bundled installer. If that is the case, you want to know if these programs are reliable or if they require removal. We suggest figuring that out with the help of a legitimate malware scanner. If it uncovers many other infections, you need to delete them immediately, and what better way than by employing an anti-malware program. It will quickly scan your system and automatically delete MediaStart along with other existing infections. If you are not sure this is the path you want to take, remember that you can also use the manual removal guides that are available on our website. The guide below explains how to get rid of the PUP. Once you take care of that, quickly get rid of the remaining threats.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F to open the Chrome menu.
  3. Click More tools and then Extensions.
  4. Remove Media Start.
  5. Tap Alt+F again and click Settings.
  6. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  7. Click Clear browsing data.
  8. Select the time range.
  9. Check the desired boxes.
  10. Click Clear data.
  11. Restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of MediaStart*


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