MediaConverterOnline Promos

What is MediaConverterOnline Promos?

You might think that MediaConverterOnline Promos has something to do with video or music conversion, but it is a potentially unwanted program that shows advertisements. Now, who would install a program that shows ads? Well, if it is advertised as a tool that can convert video/audio files, some people might be willing to take the ads, but some users might choose to install the extension simply because of the ads. Yes, there are people in this world who seek out ads, and it is most likely that they do that because they want to save money or find better deals. Whatever your reasoning might be, if you have decided to install the extension, you want to think very carefully if it is not better for you to remove it from your Google Chrome browser. If you have already decided to delete MediaConverterOnline Promos, the research team has created a guide that should assist you below. If you want to get more information about the suspicious PUP, you should continue reading.test

How does MediaConverterOnline Promos work?

Google Chrome users usually install extensions from the Chrome web store. Unfortunately, it sometimes promotes extensions that are not the most trustworthy. MediaConverterOnline Promos is introduced to users at, and this installer suggests that the extension is offered by Of course, third-party installers could be employed as well, and if you have used them, please make sure that you do not need to delete other PUPs or more dangerous threats. Overall, regardless of how you install MediaConverterOnline Promos, it is crucial that you get familiar with the privacy policies and terms of use associated with it. If you do not do that, you might remain oblivious to a few important things. For example, did you know that the PUP uses cookies to collect information about you? The removal guide below shows how to delete them from your browser. Did you know that the information collected can also be shared with third parties? We know nothing about them, which makes the distribution of information quite suspicious and uncomfortable.

Some might argue that MediaConverterOnline Promos has to record browsing-related information and also share it with third parties so that specific ads could be shown. Being bombarded with random ads can be very annoying, but receiving ads that correspond to recent searches might be welcome. Nonetheless, ads are ads, and you have to be extremely careful about how you interact with them. Note that every time you click an ad, you are routed to a third-party page, and that means that a collection of new data-tracking tools – including cookies – is likely to be injected into your browser. If you want to minimize the number of trackers that can follow you every step of the way online, you do not want to accept cookies from unfamiliar websites without thinking about it first. Also, note that not every ad you click on might route you to legitimate and trustworthy sites. Some of them could even be used to scam you. If you believe that you might have been scammed already, make sure you report the scam page, and also take care of your virtual security. That might entail changing passwords or contacting your bank to cancel any suspicious transactions.

How to delete MediaConverterOnline Promos

The guide below can help you remove MediaConverterOnline Promos and clear the browsing data from Google Chrome. If you do this, you will not need to think about any leftovers of the potentially unwanted program. Another option for you is to install an anti-malware program that is equipped to identify and delete potentially unwanted programs. Once you get rid of MediaConverterOnline Promos, you need to remember to be more selective about the programs and extensions you install in the future. Before you even install something, you need to look at unbiased reviews and also get familiar with privacy policies. You want to gather all the info you can get your hands on so as not to face any surprises in the future. Also, remember that you do not need to settle for anything that does not meet your standards. The web is full of programs waiting to be installed, and you should choose the ones that offer the best, most transparent, and reliable services.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  3. Find the unwanted extension and click Remove.
  4. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  5. Select a time range and boxes and click Clear data. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of MediaConverterOnline Promos*


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