Malware Protection Center

What is Malware Protection Center?

Malware Protection Center is a malicious computer application that comes to your system with intention to rob you off. It is a rogue antispyware program and is a clone of an older program Internet Security Guard, and that means that Malware Protection Center has skills good enough to make use of many users around the globe. It can fool people because it copies the design of a reliable antivirus program and then users who are not too well-versed in computers cannot differentiate between the real thing and the fake one.

This program usually enters your computer via fake online video codec download. Sometimes when you enter a specific suspicious website and try watching a video over there, you are informed that you will not be allowed to watch a video unless you download the specific code. Unfortunately, the video and the codec are not real, and the only thing that you download is Malware Protection Center. Obviously, thinking that it is a video codec you install the rogue, and then the real problem starts.

Malware Protection Center will be sure to bombard you with a whole lot of fake security notification messages that will try to push you into purchasing the full version of Malware Protection Center. Do not do that, otherwise you will lose your money for good.

The Malware Protection Center removal will be easier if you used these activation codes to “register” the rogue:


Remove Malware Protection Center from your computer using legitimate security software and protect your system against other rogues out there.

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Malware Protection Center

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