Magnifier Search

What is Magnifier Search?

Magnifier Search is not a particularly dangerous system security threat, but users are advised against installing this application. The app works as a browser extension, and it is compatible with the Chrome browser, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot encounter the distribution network for this app just because you use a different browser. The point is that you should remove Magnifier Search from your system because this extension is hardly useful. You can employ the manual removal guidelines at the bottom of our description. If you don’t want to remove this app on your own, you can also employ an automated antispyware tool.test

Where does Magnifier Search come from?

This application has at least several distribution sources. The official website for the extension is located at However, it is also possible to find it at the Chrome Web Store. The fact that you can find the extension at the Chrome Web Store should be enough to convince regular users Magnifier Search is a reliable application. However, there are quite a few of potentially unwanted apps that are available at the Chrome Web Store just because they are not downright malicious. So, a program’s presence at the Chrome Web Store is not a 100% proof that the app is trustworthy.

Also, as far as Magnifier Search is concerned, it is far more likely that users will download it from a third-party source, rather from its original websites. After all, if you’re looking for ways to remove this extension, you probably didn’t want to have it in the first place. But how, then, did Magnifier Search manage to enter your browser? If it’s not a malicious infection, how come it was added to your browser without your permission?

The truth is that you’ve given your permission for this extension, but you probably weren’t aware of that. These programs can easily reach you through file-sharing websites and through pages that offer free content. For instance, if you’re on some page that offers free videos, you might encounter a lot of ads instead. These sites often display a lot of ads because that’s how they make money. And distracted users sometimes don’t get that the ads and pop-ups are not part of the site’s content.

So, when you encounter a pop-up that offers adding Magnifier Search to your browser, you might not realize that it’s about a third-party app you don’t even need. However, the moment you click that Add or Allow button, you automatically you give your permission for this extension to modify your browser’s settings.

What does Magnifier Search do?

When this extension is added to your browser, Magnifier Search automatically starts tracking your browsing history. It employs tracking cookies for that, and the truth is that a lot of extensions do that. They need to get the general idea of your likes and preferences to provide you with custom features and services. However, the problem with custom features and services is that extensions like Magnifier Search can hardly check whether the third-party content they promote is safe.

Thus, even though Magnifier Search is there to enhance your web search experience, no one can guarantee that the app wouldn’t expose you to something dangerous. That’s not to say that the extension does that on purpose. It might be exploited by cybercriminals because it has certain security loopholes. And therefore, you are the one responsible for your system’s security when you deal with such extension. The bottom line is that if you’ve never wanted to have this app, you might as well remove it right now.

How do I remove Magnifier Search?

Removing browsing extensions is really easy. You can delete it via the Extensions menu, but we always recommend resetting your browser to default because that also deletes other tracking cookies that might be collecting data on your browsing history.

Also, after manual removal, you should scan your system with the SpyHunter free scanner. If more unwanted programs are detected, you can remove them automatically. Your system’s security should be ensured not just by investing in a licensed security application. Don’t forget that your browsing habits directly affect your system’s safety, too. So, stay away from suspicious websites when you browse the web.

Manual Magnifier Search Removal

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  4. Press Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Click Reset settings on the confirmation box. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Magnifier Search*

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