Magic PC Cleaner

What is Magic PC Cleaner?

Magic PC Cleaner is one of those applications that come forth offering to clean your system and improve your computer’s performance. The problem is that such programs seldom live up to their promises. In fact, computer security experts always point out that system optimization tools usually just cause more harm, instead of actually fixing your system. If you happen to have Magic PC Cleaner installed, and you do not know how this program entered your PC, you should definitely remove it once and for all. While you are at it, check your computer for more applications that might have arrived uninvited.testtesttest

Where does Magic PC Cleaner come from?

Potentially unwanted programs are rather diverse when it comes to their distribution methods. Usually, they can be downloaded from their official homepages, because technically they function just like any other program out there. At the same time, we cannot say that Magic PC Cleaner or anything like it is a dangerous computer infection or an extreme security threat because computer optimization tools are distributed out in the open. These programs do not hide their presence, and they seem to be quite transparent about their intentions. However, you will soon see that it is not exactly so.

For instance, you may download Magic PC Cleaner from, but that is obviously not the only source out there. The program could be promoted via pop-up ads you encounter when you visit various commercial websites. Sometimes you may also find an ad that will try to convince you that you must install Magic PC Cleaner. Also, it is possible that this application gets distributed bundled with freeware, and you could have installed this program on your PC accidentally.

Whichever it might have been, the point is that avoiding this application is not as hard as avoiding a Trojan or a ransomware infection. So as long as you remain careful and vigilant, you should be able to save yourself the trouble of dealing with such computer security issues.

What does Magic PC Cleaner do?

According to the official homepage, Magic PC Cleaner is “the most advanced PC cleaner to take care of your day to day computer’s general issues. It is the lightest and the fastest PC cleaner.” However, if you were to ask any computer expert about PC cleaners, they would tell you that such applications are like double-edged swords. While a good computer cleaner can improve your system’s performance, it might also accidentally delete some temporary files that you needed.

Our research shows that Magic PC Cleaner mostly cleans temporary files and clears browser cashes, although you could easily do that yourself, too. What’s more, the application has fewer functions than most of the free products out there, but it still requires that you paid $29.95USD for the full version of this program, that should fix all of the detected issues.

The question is, of course, whether you really have all those issues displayed on the program’s interface. Not to mention that even if you download the free version from the main website, it would only scan your computer, and then the program would demand that you paid. Our team says that with the limited information provided by this application, a user is forced to trust this app blindly, and they cannot know which files or applications could end up being deleted during the system clean-up. Therefore, it is for the best to get rid of this program because there are so many suspicious and unclear aspects of it.

How do I remove Magic PC Cleaner?

Normally, it should be possible to uninstall this application via Control Panel. However, there might be some files that get left behind if you do the Control Panel removal. That is why we have also come up with the manual removal instructions that will help you delete all the files and folders associated with Magic PC Cleaner from your system for good.

Once the program is gone, you should also scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner to see if there are more unwanted applications on your PC. Should you find more threats on-board, please terminate them automatically with a licensed antispyware tool. That is the fastest and the most efficient way to ensure your system’s security.

Manual Magic PC Cleaner Removal

  1. Press Win+R and type %AppData%. Click OK.
  2. Delete the Magic Pc Cleaner folder.
  3. Press Win+R again and type %ProgramFiles(x86)%. Press OK.
  4. Remove the Magic Pc Cleaner folder.
  5. Press Win+R and type regedit. Click OK.
  7. Under Wow6432Node delete the Magic Pc Cleaner entry and all of its folders. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Magic PC Cleaner*

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