What is Magala?

If you find a new home page featuring a search engine and toolbar from the Mindspark family, chances are Magala has found its way to your system without your knowledge. This is a new malware infection that has been categorized as a Trojan by our malware specialists at In fact, this is a so-caller “clicker” that is created to generate false web traffic to certain websites. Somebody does make money out of this, and we are sorry to say but it is not you. Although this Trojan itself may not directly pose a threat to your system, but it may slower your Internet connection and use some system resources as well to be able to operate in the background. Also, it installs a useless toolbar that could actually put your computer at risk by presenting to you questionable third-party content. All in all, we suggest that you remove Magala Trojan from your PC as soon as possible.

Where does Magala come from?

Our malware specialists relate this infection with the Mindspark family since it installs one of their search engine featured toolbars, MapsGalaxy Toolbar. This family has been around for a while now and has produced dozens of questionable toolbars, including ScenicHomepage Toolbar and MyScrapNook Toolbar. Of course, it is possible that this Trojan has nothing to do with this software developer team and it simply uses their potentially unwanted products to generate search results and click on the links to drive false web traffic to sites.

We believe that the most likely way for you to end up with this Trojan is to install it via freeware bundles. It is possible, for example that you want to download a free program and you land on a suspicious freeware or torrent site after a web search. When you download your targeted software however, you download a package that could be filled with several potentially unwanted programs as well as malware infections, such as adware programs, Trojans, browser hijackers, and fake alerts. This can also happen when you click on unsafe third-party ads and links on suspicious websites, including file-sharing, gaming, gambling, and pornographic pages. These are the most general sites where you may be introduced to an annoying number of potentially harmful third-party ads. If you accidentally land on such a page, we suggest that you close your tab right away without clicking anywhere on the page. Even an innocent click on seemingly empty space on such a page could lead to dropping a malicious bundle onto your system. We recommend that you scan your system with a malware scanner after your delete Magala from your computer because that is the only effective way for you to be able to identify all other threats that could be hiding on your PC.

How does Magala work?

As we have mentioned, this Trojan install MapsGalaxy Toolbar in your browser to operate through it. In fact, this malware infection only seems to affect Internet Explorer for the time being. Apart from changing the home page setting, your default search engine will also be modified to This Trojan was designed to click on web search results, which are based on hard-coded search keywords, such as “cloud business,” “phone systems business,” “commercial truck accident lawyer,” and “auto accident lawyer.” These clicks take place without your knowing so you will only experience that you have a new website as your home page and that your Internet speed maybe lagging. However, the fact that there is a questionable search engine in your browser is enough for you to be exposed to potentially unreliable third-party content. If you use this search engine, you could be presented with modified search results that could drop infections onto your machine or you could be redirected to malicious websites where cyber criminals cannot wait to scam you out of your hard-earned money. We do not believe that you want to experience any of these; this is why we suggest that you remove Magala right now from your computer.

How can I delete Magala?

It is not too complicated to eliminate this Trojan. First of all, you need to restore your home page setting in your Internet Explorer browser. Then, you can locate and delete the related files. Please use our guide below if you prefer manual removal. Hopefully, you understand now why it is essential to protect your system more efficiently. Even such an innocent-looking infection may cause further system security-related issues. We advise you to install a powerful anti-malware program like SpyHunter. Such a security tool can automatically tackle malware and potential threats and keep your PC secure at all times.

Remove Magala from your browser

Internet Explorer

  1. Tap Alt+T and choose Internet options.
  2. On the General tab, press the Use default button.
  3. Press OK.
  4. Tap Win+E.
  5. Find the Mindspark toolbar folder in %LOCALAPPDATA% and bin it. (e.g., MapsGalaxy, FlightSearchtooltab, or MyTransitGuide)
  6. Empty your Recycle Bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Magala*

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