Mac Tweaker

What is Mac Tweaker?

Mac Tweaker is a new application that claims to make your Mac run smoothly, faster, and error free, too; however, we are not really convinced that this rather pricey tool is worth it. As a matter of fact, our malware experts at say that this software is very similar to the questionable PC optimizers Windows users have been used to. This potentially unwanted program (PUP) has proven to be a rogue system optimizer for Mac OS X 10.7 and above to allegedly clean and tweak the system. Although this PUP claims "state of the art technology," we have found that it is very similar to other Mac optimizers like Mac Optimizer and MacKeeper. We do not claim that this program has malicious intentions and it does look all legitimate on the surface, but we do not believe that it is worth almost 40 EUR to do no visible or real change regarding performance. This is why we recommend that you remove Mac Tweaker from your computer as soon as possible.

Where does Mac Tweaker come from?

You can find the official promotion website ate This site looks totally professional; we cannot and do not want to say anything bad about it really. But this is almost always the case with rogue software. Their creators can always design and create a website that looks like all standard optimizer promoting sites. You would never second-guess that it may not be a useful or reliable application just by simply looking at the website. But the problem is that this PUP is not only distributed through this official channel.

Unfortunately, it can also be found in software bundles. This means that it is quite possible that you are trying to install a different free application but its package contains this PUP as well among others. What is ever worse, this bundle may also carry malware infections like adware programs, browser hijackers, Trojans, and more. Have you installed such a package lately? Then, it is quite likely that your system is facing multiple system security threats right now. Even if this PUP does not mean direct and great danger, the rest of the threats may. If you want to avoid such an invasion, you need to stick with official and reputable websites when it comes to downloading software. It is also advisable not to click on random third-party ads when visiting unfamiliar or suspicious websites. We recommend that after you delete Mac Tweaker, you scan your Mac OS with a trustworthy scanner to find all other threats so that you can clean your system properly.

How does Mac Tweaker work?

This PUP may sneak onto your system even without your permission and start scanning your system in the background. But even if it does it with your intention, the scan results may show hundreds of issues that are usually gathered from system and user cache and logs, and other unused files, applications. In other words, even if you clean all that mess up, there is no real gain here; at least, you will not experience a visible boost in your system performance even if this PUP may claim so. Of course, the free version will not fix a thing. You are prompted to purchase the full version for 39.95 EUR, which is usually 29.95 USD in the case of the Windows PC versions of optimizers. When you try to buy this software, you are also offered additional software to buy for 19.95 EUR. Apart from this, you are also asked to share personally identifiable information (PII) before you can actually purchase this software. However, such information could be misused when in the wrong hands, but it can also be used for targeting you with annoying marketing. Well, it is up to you how you spend your money and which application you trust. But we certainly believe that you should remove Mac Tweaker and search for a better value and a more beneficial program if you want to use a clean and safe Mac.

How do I delete Mac Tweaker?

First of all, if you have decided what to do with this PUP and want to eliminate it, you can do this by following the official uninstall guidelines at Second, you can also follow our guide below if you want to do this manually. Remember that this PUP sets itself for running automatically upon your login to the system. Therefore, you need to remove it first from that auto-run list. Then, you can bin this questionable application along with all other suspicious apps you may have installed recently. If you care about your virtual security, maybe you want to install a reliable anti-malware program as soon as possible.

Remove Mac Tweaker from the auto-run list

  1. Go to System Preferences and choose Users & Groups.
  2. Select your account (also known as Current User).
  3. Select Login Items.
  4. Locate the "Mac Tweaker" application.
  5. Select it and click the "-" button below to remove it.

Remove Mac Tweaker from your Mac OS

  1. Click the Finder icon.
  2. In the Finder window, select “Applications”.
  3. In the Applications folder, locate “Mac Tweaker” and any other suspicious applications and drag them all to the Trash.
  4. Restart your computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Mac Tweaker*

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