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What is Login to My Email?

Login to My Email is introduced at logintomyemail.net, but you might have downloaded this extension from a different source. Did you acquire it from the Chrome web store? At the time of research, this source did not offer an installer for this potentially unwanted program (PUP), but that could have been the case in the recent past. Did you download the PUP from a third-party website, along with other suspicious extensions or applications? If that is the case, we suggest that you do not visit the website ever again. We also recommend removing all other extensions or apps downloaded along with the PUP. The good news is that you can clean your entire operating system and web browsers using one tool. Of course, some users should be able to delete Login to My Email and any other questionable pieces manually. Regardless of which removal method you choose, it is most important that you complete task.testtesttest

How does Login to My Email work?

No matter how you look at Login to My Email, this Google Chrome extension does not look mighty useful. It is advertised as a tool that can offer access to email accounts, but you can create your own access to different accounts by bookmarking the login pages and enabling the bookmarks bar on your browser. All you have to do is tap Ctrl+Shift+B keys, and your Chrome bookmarks bar will show. Nonetheless, although there is a more convenient solution to this problem, Chrome users might decide to install an extension that is introduced in a highly attractive manner. If you end up installing Login to My Email, the New Tab page on your browser is sort of hijacked, and search.logintomyemail.net is introduced. If the New Tab page is set to open as you start the browser, it might seem as if your homepage was hijacked as well. Due to this, some users might identify the PUP as a hijacker. Well, there are hundreds of such “hijackers,” including My Email Checker Tab, Email Access Here, Your Search Tool, or Find A Flight Pro.

Some users might think that they get a good deal by installing Login to My Email because it offers access to email accounts AND access to Yahoo Search. That is not exactly the case. Our researchers have found that even though searches conducted via search.logintomyemail.net are redirected to Yahoo Search, the results that are shown are not exactly trustworthy. According to Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, they can be modified by the PUP itself, and they could include sponsored links representing third-party sites, services, and products. Can these links be trusted? That is hard to say because we do not know who can use the advertising services offered by Login to My Email. All in all, the PUP seems to serve advertisers/third parties more than actual Google Chrome users, and that is why it is identified as a PUP. Also, it is worth mentioning that the extension can also track some information about you, and that alone could send users running for the hills. Overall, there are several reasons to remove Login to My Email, and there are no reasons to keep it installed.

How to delete Login to My Email

You can try removing Login to My Email manually. We created a guide that will help you get rid of this PUP even if you have never deleted unwanted extensions and cleared browsing data before. Do you understand why clearing browsing data is important? That is how you eliminate the data-tracking tools that could be employed by the extension to spy on you and track your interaction with third-party links. Another option you have is to delete Login to My Email automatically. This is a terrific option if other threats have been found on your operating system or if you simply want to enhance the protection of your operating system. Install a legitimate anti-malware tool, and it will automatically delete all PUPs and threats. At the same time, it will reinforce the security of your system, and you will be fully protected in the future.

Removal Guide (Google Chrome)

  1. Launch the browser and enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. Remove the extension that you do not trust or do not want to use anymore.
  3. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  4. Click the Advanced tab at the top, and first choose the right time range.
  5. Select the boxes you want and then click the Clear data button at the bottom. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Login to My Email*

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