LMAOxUS Ransomware

What is LMAOxUS Ransomware?

LMAOxUS Ransomware is a malicious program that must be removed without any hesitation if it is ever found up and running on your personal computer. This is crucial since its functionality is extremely malicious. If you are not familiar with ransomware program, you must be aware of the fact that applications of this category are fully capable of locking enormous amounts of personal data without requiring any authorization whatsoever. It is not hard to understand that having this devious program active on your personal computer could have detrimental outcomes, to say the least. If you consider yourself to be a security conscious user, you must take appropriate virtual security measures to keep your PC clean and secure. In this article, we provide a few virtual security recommendations along with detailed information regarding the overall functionality of LMAOxUS Ransomware. We also include a detailed removal guide that you should use to delete this malware once and for all.testtesttest

What does LMAOxUS Ransomware do?

During an in-depth analysis of LMAOxUS Ransomware, malware experts at Anti-Spyware-101.com have discovered that this malicious program is based on a code of the EDA2 ransomware project, which has been developed for research purposes primarily. Basically, developers of this malicious program edited the source code of the aforementioned project to their needs. Its overall functionality is quite conventional. Right after it successfully enters your operating system, it will identify the contents of your hard drive. After that it will start the encryption procedure, which is completely silent so stopping this malware in action is a complicated task if you are not an advanced computer knowledge. It has been discovered that this ransomware uses the AES-256 algorithm to lock your personal data. Due to the strength of this cipher manual removal is an impossible task. Further investigation revealed that in this malicious program affects files located in the My Documents folder. It targets different file types such as .txt, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .png, .pdf, .xls, .psd, and quite a few others. As soon as data on the affected hard drive is locked this malware will present a ransom note. It tells that your data has been locked and that you need to send 0.1 Bitcoin, which is about $120, in return for a decryption procedure. Even though it might seem like a way to solve your problems, you should be aware that cyber crooks that developed this devious program are not obliged in any legal way to unlock your data even if you make the payment. It should be more than obvious that a complete removal of LMAOxUS Ransomware is a must. Terminate this malicious program as soon as it is found active on your PC; this way you might be able to limit the data loss imposed by it.

How to improve your virtual security

If you consider yourself a security conscious user, you must take precautionary steps to have a fully secure operating system at all times. The first thing that you need to do to improve your virtual security is practicing safe browsing habits. This means downloading your programs from official vendors' websites only since third-party download sites are notorious for being the primary of bundled installers, which often host suspicious and potentially dangerous programs. As it turns out in quite a few cases, LMAOxUS Ransomware is spread disguised as an installer for a popular game known as Minecraft. This is a common manipulative technique employed by malware developers to lure unsuspecting users into downloading their programs. Thus, it is not surprising that we recommend learning as much as possible about an application that you wish to have active on your PC before obtaining it. It is also crucial to refrain yourself from all questionable e-mail attachments since malware developers often spread via spam campaigns. Finally, and most importantly, make sure to install a professional antimalware tool since it provides overall virtual security at all times.

How to remove LMAOxUS Ransomware

Make sure to use the removal guide that we provide below with your utmost attention. This is important because a complete removal of LMAOxUS Ransomware is the only way that you can stop its intrusive functionality entirely. To be sure that this malicious program has been removed in its entirety, make sure to double-check your PC for its traces as soon as you are done with the instructions that we provide below. If you find such analysis and the whole termination procedure a bit too complicated, we highly advise you to use a professional antimalware tool to delete LMAOxUS Ransomware in its entirety in an automated way.

How to remove LMAOxUS Ransomware from your PC

  1. Open your File Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Temp.
  3. Select a file called lmaoxus.exe and then tap Delete on your keyboard.
  4. Right-click your Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin.
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