Live Security Suite

What is Live Security Suite?

Live Security Suite , otherwise known as LiveSecuritySuite, is the latest rogue application. Live Security Suite is not as it claims to be, and will definitely not be able to repair any security issues in any given computer system, as it is useless and a mere tool for malice. One is warned not to click on any links when directed to the affiliate websites of Live Security Suite, as it will surely load your system with dubious executables and files.

The best remedy for a computer embedded with Live Security Suite would be to remove Live Security Suite and all its affiliated components from the said infected system. In order to cleanse your system of this nefarious tool, it is recommended to employ the services of an up-to-date and fully functional anti-spyware application. It may prove to be quite difficult to remove this parasite, therefore a manual removal process may be required – however only attempt a manual removal if you are familiar with the registry of your system.

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